Find Your Perfect Deodorant Type: A Guide

Find Your Perfect Deodorant Type: A Guide

Learn about the different types of deodorants and find the perfect one for you! There's a lot to consider when choosing the best deodorant for your needs. We will explore four different types of deodorants - natural, roll-on, deodorant wipes and spray - that are worth considering for your daily routine. According to EuroScientist, every year, the deodorant industry generates 15 million pounds of plastic waste. Whether you're someone who sweats excessively, has sensitive skin, or prefers a more natural approach, we've got you covered. Let’s discover the perfect deodorant type for you!

Natural Deodorants. Let's start with the buzzword in the deodorant industry - natural. Natural deodorants have taken the market by storm, and for good reason. Deodorants may contain harmful chemicals such as aluminum compounds, parabens, phthalates, and triclosan, which have been linked to health issues such as breast cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and antibiotic resistance. Instead, they use natural ingredients, like baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils, to neutralize odor and keep you feeling fresh. Our team loves Violets are Blue’s Magnesium Deodorant and Cleo + Coco’s Charcoal Deodorant for you to kickstart your natural deodorant journey!

Roll-On Deodorants. Roll-on deodorants are a popular choice because they are easy to apply and offer long-lasting protection. They typically come in a liquid form and are applied by rolling a ball over the skin. Roll-on deodorants are available in both natural and conventional formulas, and they offer a wide range of scents to choose from. That’s why we advise you to check the ingredients to get rid of  possible allergens. 

Spray Deodorants. Spray deodorants are another popular choice, particularly for those who are always on the go. They offer a quick and easy application and are available in a wide range of scents. However, they can be irritating to the skin and are not recommended for people with respiratory issues. So, before using, check the ingredients carefully. 

Deodorant Wipes. Finally, for those who are always on the go or need a quick refresh during the day, deodorant wipes are an excellent option. These wipes contain a small amount of deodorant and are designed to be used on the go. They are available in both natural and conventional formulas and are perfect for throwing in your gym bag or purse. But they are typically not the most sustainable because they can be made of non-biodegradable materials such as plastic or polyester, and are designed for single-use, which leads to excessive waste and pollution.

And there you have it, four different types of deodorants that are worth considering for your daily routine. Whether you prefer a more natural approach or need something that can withstand a particularly active lifestyle, there's a deodorant out there that's perfect for you. So go ahead, smell like roses, and feel confident and refreshed all day long!

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