Naturally Pet-Friendly: Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Management

Naturally Pet-Friendly: Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Management

Yes you are right, we said diatomaceous earth (DE). It’s definitely a mouthful. Food-grade diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring powder made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. It’s basically a rock which contains between 80% and 90% silica. Silica, known as silicon dioxide, has resistance to high temperatures, durable structure and is cost-effective. The type we will talk about today is food-grade diatomaceous earth. 

Food-grade DE is widely used as a natural, pet-safe pest control option because of its ability to penetrate insects exoskeleton and other pests without the use of harmful chemicals. It is made up of microscopic silica particles that can physically damage the exoskeletons of garden and household pests.

Don’t worry, food-grade DE is considered safe for humans, pets, and the environment! The same cannot be said for industrial strength DE. The food-grade one can be used in the garden, on plants, and around the home, to effectively control pests without the use of harmful chemicals. It is the best for an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to pest problems. When applied, and used correctly, food-grade diatomaceous earth dehydrates and eliminates insects and pests by physically abrading them. It comes in powdered form, and you can apply it to the crevices where you see the insects are coming from. Make sure the surface and area is dry for it to work properly.

However, while it's generally safe for pets, it's important to use it with discretion and avoid excessive inhalation, as it can irritate the lungs and respiratory system. Wear a mask and take precautions when handling food-grade DE in powder form. It's also crucial to ensure that you use only food-grade diatomaceous earth in small quantities, as other types may contain harmful impurities that could harm your pets.

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