Curved Buckwheat Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Made in USA
Natural Ingredients
Recycled Materials

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Revolutionary Sleep Support: ComfyComfy introduces a centuries-old, sustainable technology with their buckwheat hull pillows, tailored to conform to your body’s unique contours for unbeatable relief from persistent aches and pains.

Adaptable Comfort: These pillows offer unparalleled support, maintaining ergonomic posture during sleep, catering to side sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers alike.

Breathable Coolness: Naturally breathable for a cooler sleep, these pillows are a must-have for a comfortable night’s rest.

Sustainable Innovation: Embrace vegan and sustainable choices with ComfyComfy’s pillows, crafted in the USA with buckwheat hulls.

Personalized Support: The pillows are customizable, allowing you to adjust for your individual comfort, although they may require an adjustment period to fully appreciate their unique benefits.

Experience the full trial period and discover the superior comfort and support of ComfyComfy buckwheat hull pillows, offering an ancient solution in our modern world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
So Supportive, Pliable and Comfortable!

So supportive, pliable and comfortable! I have had every shape, every material combo and gimmick the pillow industry could throw out there. Never, and I mean NEVER, have they ever lived up to their promise. FINALLY! - the simplicity of design and use of natural materials, ends my days of failed pillow promises. I even bought the big 20x 30 as well. Both... soooo comfortable!

Best pillow ever

What is a good nights sleep worth? Most pillows don't offer any support for your head and hold in heat. The Comfy Comfy pillow addresses both of these problems.

I love it

I’ve looked at buckwheat pillows for a while and I found the store site online. I read their story and I liked it. The only reason I ordered it on Amazon and paid more is because I don’t have to dink without all my shipping info etc. I’m lazy…. I didn’t really want to order a buckwheat pillow from another country because you don’t know how the buckwheat hulls are being stored.Like other reviewer‘s have said these aren’t squishy pillows per say. I had a neck surgery eight years ago and I needed something that keeps space between my neck and shoulder when sleeping on my side, but it’s good for back sleeping too. I slept on it for a week and realized it was a little bit too full, unzipped it and took out a few cups and it’s better now, I bought the extra large and glad, I like a little wraparound.. I think the longer you have it you really get used to how to manipulate it to make it work. You can swipe your hand over it to make a channel for your face or whatever and it stays in place. I have been sleeping much better since receiving it. I fell asleep one night and realized I slept four hours without waking up and that has not happened in a long time. It has a really awesome thick cover so it doesn’t make a bunch of sound, also the pillowcase it came with is really nice, it was beautifully packaged! I’m going on a short road trip and it’s probably going to go with me, I would like a smaller travel pillow in same shape or half moon size though. Great quality.

lisa s.
Great for my knee!

These pillows are great for holding the shape you place it in. It’s terrific for supporting my knees at nap time!

I've never slept better

People will ask, "Is it comfortable?" And my answer is always, "Kinda..."I mean, it is, but it's not comfortable in the same way a down pillow is comfortable. It's the kind of comfort you get when you're neck is properly supported for once in your life.I'll never go back to a normal pillow again.

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