LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box
LastTissue Box

LastTissue Box

CO2 Emissions
3.2 kg
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  • Good For You: Perfect for multi-person households, LastObject’s color options make it convenient for everyone in the family to know which one belongs to them.
  • Good For The Environment: LastObject's innovative products can be used thousands of times so you can make them part of your daily routine without growing your carbon footprint.
  • CO2 Emissions: 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs).
  • CO2 Emissions Savings: 34.2 kg (75.4 lbs) vs. conventional alternative.

LastTissue Box contains 18 reusable organic cotton tissues that are soft on the nose. It comes in a soft food-grade silicone case with a barrier to easily keep clean and nasties apart after use.

1 LastTissue Box can replace 9,300+ single-use tissues.

The Danish design will look great in your house, car, office, or wherever you need a LastTissue Box.

Customer Reviews

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Maria D.L.M.
Great investment

I got these just before catching a sinus infection and they have been life savers! While they aren’t the softest at first, a wash or two gets them there. The silicon box has a compartment to put the dirty tissues, separate from the clean ones and when I feel the box itself is getting dirty, I just throw it in the wash too.

Shared these with my whole family and bought them as gifts in eco bundles

Everyone loves these and most of my family have gone on to buy more for around their houses and also share them with friends too! They wash beautifully, the black silicon boxes look beautiful on our side tables and bedside tables. They're also super easy to use, the design is really well thought through.

Très astucieux et économique

Lorsque que l'on est un minimum soucieux de ces déchets cette option du mouchoir en tissu est vraiment top. le système est très astucieux, les mouchoirs sont lavables en machine ensuite il suffit de refaire le montage initial et de les remettre dans leur étui. Vraiment très simple, économique et écologique !

Reviewer #.
Good product, silicone smells HORRIBLE

I like the idea of this product, and it works well for me, however, the silicone smells very strongly of bleach-like chemicals. I washed it by hand and ran it through the dishwasher, but it still had this terrible smell.It would also be nice if there was a better way to replace the tissues before it is empty, as I usually wash the tissues as I use them, instead of doing them all when the box is empty.

Pratique en déplacement aussi

Qui n'a jamais été à court de mouchoirs à la maison aussi bien qu'en déplacement? Ces mouchoirs/lingettes réutilisabales et lavables permettent de ne jamais manquer de ces petits accessoires fort utiles au quotidien. C'est assez doux et plutôt épais, un peu de lotion n'est pas de refus en fonction de l'usage qu'on en fait.


LastObject was born to disrupt the single-use industry with reusable products that work better for you and do better for the planet. They want to save our PLANET and oceans from single-use items and be a part of the solution to the climate crisis. They create PRODUCTS that you love to use and reuse so that sustainability becomes an easier choice. On their journey, LastObject wants to give PEOPLE great work opportunities across the planet and create a fantastic work environment.