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AllerDx works fast to open nasal passageways in 10-20 minutes!
AllerDx is faster acting and more effective than any other natural product for those who are overly sensitive to pollen, dust, dander, foods and other environmental aggravations.

Works in minutes! *

For pollen, dust, dander, food
and other environmental sensitivities

Breathe Easy with AllerDx - the most effective natural seasonal support available. Clinical studies show AllerDx improves nasal airflow in 10-20 minutes and addresses key underlying causes. (Based on two blinded, placebo-controlled studies.)

  • Non-drowsy & stimulant free
  • Clinically tested - within 10-20 minutes people showed significantly improved nasal airflow.
  • Decades of research & development in clinical practice
  • Quality controlled from farm to finished product
  • Natural plant-based herbal supplement
  • Vegan

AllerDx is also available in a 12-capsule packet.

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Customer Reviews

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Aller rx

I've been using this product for over a year.
It still works great and fast with no side effects. Thank you

Perfect for gardening!

My gardening experience is much more comfortable when I take AllerDx before I get started! Thanks for this great product!!

AllerDX and Digestiv

I can't say enough about this company (family owned and operated) and its products.

Through my Naturopath, I was introduced to AllerDX several years ago. It seems that all year around, there is *something* to be sensitive to. The world has become so much more toxic! So, I take AllerDx (all plant derived and healthful ingredients) daily. When I run out (subscribe!), I feel the difference immediately. As claimed, it works within minutes of taking it. Truly amazing.

Digestiv is that same story, except it is for *digestion* (which I never understood really addressed "regularity," ahem). Again, the gentle plant compounds do "the trick" without an overreaction and actually support my own natural inner process as opposed to overstimulating a bowel movement. I have become "normal" for the first time in my life. No joke.

I can't finish without talking about the amazing customer support. Lindsey is one of the only non-family members in the company and she obviously loves her job and the company and its products and its customers! I have been treated personally and well whenever I've had to reach out.

Hopefully, as Lindsey indicated, the bottled Digestiv will be out soon. I will be, as with the AllerDX, putting it on Subscribe.