Waterless Foam Dog Shampoo - Fresh Breeze - 30oz

Quick, no-rinse dog shampoo for clean, fresh fur.

Made in USA
Natural Ingredients

Sale Price$29.99

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Experience stress-free grooming with Mighty Mutt's Waterless Foam Shampoo for dogs, ideal for maintaining a clean pet between regular washes:

  • Pure Ingredients: Crafted with just four natural ingredients, ensuring a gentle touch for your dog's coat and skin.
  • Soothing & Deodorizing: Hypoallergenic and tearless formula that deodorizes and soothes, leaving a pleasant Fresh Breeze scent without irritation.
  • Water-Free Convenience: Perfect for times when a full bath isn't an option. Simply apply and towel dry without the need for rinsing.
  • Professional Grade: Trusted by groomers, this shampoo ensures a soft, beautiful coat with professional-grade quality.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe: Made in the USA, biodegradable, and free from harsh chemicals, demonstrating Mighty Mutt's commitment to your pet's health and the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Smells very nice,softens the dogs hair,good quick fix.

Totally liked it,nice scent for my pup

Excellent product for in between baths!

I 💯 stand by Mighty Mutt products‼️I take my Labradors outside to play almost every day. They love to get dirty. 😣Of course, more work for MommyMighty Mutt to the rescue! 🦸‍♀️Easy to use, smells excellent and my pups 🐶 love it!Try it, you will be glad you did❣️Couldn’t keep my dogs shiny, clean and smelling fresh without you! ❤️❤️❤️Thank you, Mighty Mutt‼️

Easy to use. Love this. It's so easy.

Great product,smells great, easy to use, foam on, towel off

Best no-rinse shampoo for doodles we have found!

This works great for our shaggy pup! Definitely a favorite for us! We tried some other spray in options, but nothing beats this! The foam rubs in nicely even through lots of fur (the spray kind of dry shampoos never worked with her doodle hair) and leaves a nice scent. Great to help extend time between baths during those summer months when the dog gets hot outside and she gets a stinky faster than normal!

So easy! Picky red heeler-approved!

The media could not be loaded.  I bought this I when we first brought home our rescue at the end of July. She is a 22 month old red heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) mix. We wanted to wash the rescue smells off of her and she also seems to get a little irritated/itchy from the grass and things outside. The itching seems to have improved, although it’s also possible the itching was just new home nerves. We’ve had her for about a month now and I give her a bath with this almost every week before I brush her out. She can be skittish about some things but doesnt mind this at all! I am positive she wouldn’t tolerate an actual water bath, and considering she wont let anyone trim her nails and can be very nippy, a real bath would be a nightmare. She recently started hunting for lizards in dirt piles on our walks (video attached - not shown: Hartley literally belly flopping into the dirt to pin down a tiny lizard), so she can get VERY dirty. I wiper her down with some Poggi hypoallergenic dog wipes and then use this and the result is great! Only after she is clean is she allowed on the bed (clean pic also attached). The scent lasts about a day, maybe less, on her and we go for walks at least 4 times a day (not all of them involve dirt piles, thankfully lol). The scent reminds me of something i cant quite put my finger on, but it works! It doesn’t irritate me and I can be very sensitive to certain smells. I would recommend this to most dog owners, especially to those who would find it hard to give their dog a water bath. Our dog basically thinks its a fun petting/massage session. Sometimes it can seem a tiny bit sticky but usually if I brush her out it does not feel that way anymore

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