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Experience the magic of Activist Skincare's radiant serum, a silky potion that hydrates, brightens, and firms your skin while shielding it from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution. This potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins C & B5, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid is designed to deliver visible results, including lightened hyperpigmentation, reduced redness, a brighter glow, and a bouncier texture.

* A lightweight formula that absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky residue.
* Gentle and safe, suitable for all skin types.
* Ideal for both morning and night use.
* Maintains a skin-friendly 5.5 pH.

Choose Activist Skincare for an eco-friendly skincare option that not only cares for your skin but also the planet with its low-impact packaging materials and ethically made products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cassandra D.
Love this

This is now my go to for a vitamin C product that's low waste. It's easy to wear under other stuff in the morning or layer under moisturizers because it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me shiny.

Wish it had more antioxidants

I really like this serum. It's great for my acne prone skin, but I do wish that the serum had more antioxidants. Currently, the serum only contains the antioxidant SAP which I love but because it only contains 1 antioxidant I have to use another product in the mornings. Please consider reformulating the serum to include not only the current 5% SAP but also other gentle antioxidants, such as Epigallocatechin Gallate, Resveratrol, Genistein, Superoxide Dismutase, Glutathione, Silymarin, Acetyl Zingerone, Ubiqunone, or Ergothioneine. I wouldn't mind paying extra for a serum that has 5% SAP and some of these additional antioxidants as well as hydrating ingredients.

Jillian K.
Love this product

Such a great product. My skin glows and stays hydrated every time I use it. It’s a must have in my skincare arsenal!

Andrea S.

I started off with the travel/trial set to try out a variety of products and after the first week I was obsessed! Activist Skincare is exactly what I was looking for when it came to high-quality products and sustainability. After a few simple questions I was able to set up a convenient subscription to fit my needs based off how often I would be using each product. They also go above and beyond with the packaging and even go as far to leave a handwritten note inside the box. I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to change up their skincare routine with sustainable products.

Lucy P.
Love it!

This is a great serum! After a few weeks of using it, I can tell that my skin takes in moisturizers much better. Some of my dark spots are lightening too! I signed up for the membership and got the sweetest note and a sample of the precious oil :) Love this company and what they do.

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