Bio Boost (Immune Support)

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Boosting your immune defenses has always been important, but there is no
better time to start than now. Bio Boost is a powerhouse product that provides
six essential nutrients that play integral roles in your body’s immune system.
Formulated with readily absorbed and bioavailable forms, Bio Boost delivers
substantial amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, and

  • Vitamin C is one of the most prominent physiological antioxidants. It acts directly by scavenging harmful free radicals and indirectly by regenerating other antioxidants in the body. It provides additional support to various functions of the innate and adaptive immune system.
  • Vitamin A supports immune health by maintaining the integrity of the cells that line the airways and digestive tract.
  • With receptor located on all immune cells, vitamin D is a major regulator of both innate and adaptive immune responses.
  • Selenium is processed by the body into a family of proteins, selenoproteins, which serve and physiological antioxidants and immune system activators.
  • Zinc provides invaluable support to the body’s natural immune defenses and is required for development and activation of some immune cell types.
  • Copper is a component of superoxide dismutase, a physiological antioxidant.

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