Carpet Freshener - Eucalyptus & Lemon | 31oz

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Discover Good Natured Brand’s Carpet Freshener in a 31oz size, offering a sustainable solution for a fresher, eco-conscious home. This highly effective eucalyptus & lemon scented formula helps maintain clean floors and odor-absorbing surfaces while tackling pet odors, fleas, ticks, dust mites, and allergens. Simple to use with its powdered format, just sprinkle, wait a few minutes, and vacuum up to enjoy a naturally refreshed and environmentally friendly living space. Make every clean count with Good Natured Brand.

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Natural scent

Great deodorizer. Awesome in diaper pail and kitchen trash can. Also have used to freshen carpets. Many scented products cause allergies or migraine in our family -- this one does not cause any problems in our household. Finally a product that just works. A little goes a long way. Just lemon. Nice. Packaging flimsy, we keep bag in a ziploc. Great product.

Amazon C.
Mix 50/50 With Baking Soda To Extend Usage

Pleasant scent and easy to apply (get a stainless steel shaker from Amazon). Expensive for a small package of only 31 oz. I mixed 50/50 with regular baking soda to extend usage and the deodorizing effect was very noticeable (I left it on for about 30 minutes). Pour the contents of the package into a small plastic container with lid, mix with the baking soda, and it's easy to scoop up into the shaker. It shakes on very easily and distributes well. Vacuums up well (Shark vacuum). Side benefit is the vacuumed powder deodorizes the vacuum cleaner.

Smells great in the bag ..but scent doesn't last long..only about 10 minutes

Scent only last 10 minutes once applied

Hard To Distribute

This product smells AMAZING however it is very hard to evenly distribute because it is in a bag. The ziplock closure is also hard to close so the bag has fallen over and spilled on my pantry a couple of times. I ended up using an old water bottle with holes punched in the lid to use as a “shaker”. You could use an old baby powder bottle too.Overall it’s a great product but definitely keep in mind you will have to scoop it from the bag to sprinkle on the carpet which can be good for spots, but not wide coverage.

Best rug deodorizer I have ever found

I have a dog and two cats and no amount of vacuuming will get rid of "doggy smell". I have tried all kinds of shake on deodorizers and they all work for a bit but I used this morning and no lingering dog smell. And still good so far. I have high hopes for this product