Carpet Repair Kit

Quick Fix and Color Match Fabric Restorer

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Discover the ultimate solution for fabric restoration with the versatile Carpet Repair Kit. 

  • Wide Application: Perfect for mending burn marks, holes, cracks, and abrasions on various textiles including car seats and furniture.
  • Affordable Restoration: Economically restore the appearance and functionality of your textiles without professional intervention.
  • Color Matching Technology: Easily match any fabric color with our comprehensive color chart; no stitching required.
  • Quick and Durable: Achieve fast, permanent, and durable repairs without needing to sew or stitch.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Extend the life of your textiles and reduce waste by repairing instead of replacing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
good product

I rated it 4 stars ,only because i didn't apply it correctly. still have enough material left to try and reapply. It can use better instructions.

jeffery p.C.
Works great

This car seat repair kit was easy to use and it was very good at matching my seat.

Awesome product - works as intended

Let me preface by saying if you don't feel comfortable mixing colors to get your matching color.. don't get this product. I'm a crafty person and my couch was an easy enough color to match, so for me this worked great. Just the 1 patch the kit came with was able to fix all of the spots in my pics.Also please ignore how dirty my couch looks.. she needs a cleaning.The patches aren't 100% perfect, and I do need to go back and touch some up, but they look waaaaay better than the chewed up look before.The "powder" that you mix is actually small fibers, so once you apply it to the glue (& it dries) it feels soft and fuzzy.I think it would blend seamlessly if my couch were regular cloth, but it's some kind of microsuede so the patch does have a different texture... but again the alternative was foam showing or get a new couch.I was worried how well the glue would hold up, especially since it's a high traffic area on my couch where my toddler likes to jump, but it feels extremely durable after drying & I don't see it being an issue. It does recommend sewing bigger areas down though.

Russell B.
it was easy to use and it worked

it worked and easy to use

Stephane E.B.E.B.
Perfect? No

It created a rough/hard patch. But I don’t have an hole anymore. Did I mention the color? You need to be a pro with Colors. Don’t forget when it dries the color change. Lol

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