Compact Collapsible Bowl

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Color: Black

HYDAWAY's Compact Collapsible Bowl is the perfect solution for eco-conscious individuals on-the-go. Made from durable and reusable materials, this modern travel bowl conveniently collapses to less than an inch, making it easy to pack and store in any bag. With a generous quart-sized capacity, it's ideal for enjoying your favorite meals anywhere, whether you're camping, on a road trip, or simply grabbing take-out. The reusable design means you can say goodbye to wasteful disposable containers and hello to a more sustainable way of eating.

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Customer Reviews

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Great for camping or at home

I'm an original Kickstarter backer of these. I have 3 of each size of their original bowls. This bowl is the exact same design as the other bowls but doesn’t have a lid, and it works just as well. Their design makes them great for use in my Teardrop trailer due to limited storage. Anything that compacts down is a win when you're outfitting a trailer with limited space. They clean up easy - you can basically wipe them out and rinse. They also dry just easy because water just beads up and runs off the silicone. I couldn't be happier with these and highly recommend them.

Nicholei S.
My Dog Approves!

Great bowl sometimes when I would walk my dog, I would just bring a bottle of water and have her drink from it but now she is able to drink out of the water bowl.

Jonathan V.
Really good!

I have a different brand foldable bowl and this one is so much sturdier than I was expecting, like folding it is actually kind of hard... not really hard but like it takes a little more pressure which is good because it won't easily collapse which I think is great! The metal rim really gives it a top tier quality look. I love this bowl a lot and it's actually pretty thin. I love this bowl so much, the color is so rich and true red. I am most definitely going to get a second one because it feels so durable that this one is so much better than the other one that I have. I am impressed!

Great Size!

This is the perfect size travel bowl! I don't know why it's so hard to find normal sized bowls that collapse, most are so small. This is a great size, keeps my girl hydrated while we're out and about without having to refill it a million times. It feels more durable than other collapsible bowls too, I think this one will last. The only thing that would make this bowl perfect is if it had a clip to hook to the leash like most travel bowls do

Geoff A.
Perfect travel water or food bowl for my dog

Folds up nice and easy to stow in my car