CO2 Emissions
5.3 kg
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  • Good For You: Bamboozle's composters allow you to convert your own organic waste into compost and features a filtered lid to absorb any potentially funky smells.
  • Good For The Environment: Home composting allows you to divert organic waste that would otherwise go to landfills into something much better for the planet and your plants - a perfect circular economy.
  • CO2 Emissions: 5.3 kg (11.7 lbs).
  • CO2 Emissions Savings: 56.6 kg (124.8 lbs) vs. conventional alternative.

Let's send less to the landfill! Convert your own organic waste into compost to enrich the soil in your backyard. All pieces are made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. Dishwasher safe, do not microwave. Bamboozle now offers charcoal filters for your composter lid!

Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber.

Dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: 8” x 6.25” x 9”

Why Bamboozle's Composter? The Bamboozle composter is a sleek counter-top bin that allows you to transport your organic waste to either an outdoor compost pile, or to a local community compost facility. The filtered lid helps to keep out any unwanted smells, and the bamboo handle allows for easy carrying. A variety of different color options ensure that whatever your style, it will look great in any kitchen setting. The compost bin is made from their biodegradable bamboo fiber that is dishwasher safe, making any clean-up a breeze.
Made in China

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn O.T.
All the new rules about wet garbage

A friend recommended this countertop garbage thing because it has a filter in the lid. For some months I'd used another one (simple human) that hooked onto the side of a kitchen height trash can, but not only did the garbage smell, but in one week the wet stuff developed maggots or some other kinds of crawly worms. So that one has gone to the garage (for what I don't know) and now I'm happy with this bamboo one, with lid. So far there as been zero smell, which means the little filter thing works well. It also allows air in, which dries out the garbage rather than provide a wet surface for bugs to grow. So far I'm quite happy with it.

Super Countertop Compost Bin

I love this countertop compost bin. The gray looks great in my kitchen, the charcoal filter keeps the smell in check and no more fruit flies! Highly recommend!

Mrs. A.
Lighter weight than expected

Straight out of the box the top was a little dirty looking. See photo to see the black marks.This bamboo is much lighter weight than expected. I was expecting like ceramic.I like it fine. $50 seems expensive for what it is but the top is so much easier to open than the plastic under the sink one provided by the trash company!It is lovely looking just seems overpriced.

Needs different bolts

I like the size of this bin, fits nicely in the corner of my sink and it is easy to clean. I don't like the bolts that are used, both sides have fallen out and I had to replace them with screws and nuts.

It looks better than it works.

Aesthetically this compost pail drew me in. I liked the shape and style of it. Unfortunately it didn't function as well as it looked. First, the wide mouth made it difficult to insert compost bags. It was an odd stretch to try to do so and when you had one side on trying to do the other would often pull the first free. Also, the bin material had an odd texture that stained easily and never felt or looked clean. Additionally the bamboo handle faded fairly quickly. Lastly, I recently dropped it and it cracked all too easily. I need a replacement. I'm going back to stainless steel.


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