First Honey Foot Rescue Cream

Natural Ingredients

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Experience instant relief for distressed feet with the Foot Rescue Cream. This exceptional cream is designed to tackle the unique challenges of foot care, thanks to the innovative formulation by First Honey®.

The skin on your feet is up to 8 times thicker than the rest of your body and tends to lose moisture rapidly. This is where the Foot Rescue Cream, enriched with Mānuka honey, steps in. Its breakthrough formula is designed to penetrate the tough layers of your foot skin, providing deep and enduring hydration.

With First Honey® Foot Rescue Cream, say goodbye to dry, cracked feet and hello to the joy of barefoot dancing! This eco-friendly option not only takes care of your feet but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Patricia A.S.

This is the first thing that actually healed my cracked feet…just give it a try!!

Cristina R.
Helps with Those Horrible Heel Cracks!

I have a bad history of cracked heels, and it hurts! Brings relief quickly. And if I put this on, and put on my socks and shoes, in a couple of days the cracked heels are healed. My dogs love the smell for some reason. They attack me with their tongues when they see me putting this on. I think it is the natural honey smell, which is really nice. I can't stand perfume lotions smells, but this had a natural smell that is pleasing and wonderful.

Rainbow C.
Great on my Psoriasis

It is creamy, a little goes quite the distance, and my psoriasis is responding nicely to it. I had psoriasis cracked heels that are healing well, and my feet have never been softer!

Amazon C.
smells good

used for a short time but seems to be helping cracked foot

Only after a few days use my diabetic feet are like new

I would reccomend to anyone with dry cracking skin on their feet. Extremely useful.

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