Whole Health Pack - Multifunctional Chews, Joint Support Chews, Allergy Relief Chews, Calming Chews, Omega 3 Concentrate, All in one Adaptogens

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Introducing the Mokai Paws Ultimate Dog Wellness Bundle:

* Multifunctional Chews: These power-packed bites not only boost your dog's immunity but also aid in healthy digestion.

* Joint Support Chews: Keep your furry friend agile and active with these chews that enhance joint flexibility and mobility.

* Allergy Relief Chews: Say goodbye to skin allergies with these chews that promote skin health and keep itching at bay.

* Calming Chews: Help your pet stay calm and composed with these chews that provide relief from anxiety.

* Omega 3 Concentrate: This supplement is a powerhouse of benefits - it aids cognitive functions, reduces inflammation, and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

* All-in-One Adaptogens: These are the ultimate protectors for your pet's essential organs and body functions. They help prevent chronic diseases and tumors, ensuring overall wellbeing and balance.

Mokai Paws is committed to providing eco-friendly options for your pet's wellness. Choose Mokai Paws, choose a healthier and happier life for your pet.

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