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Experience the triple-action power of Bars Over Bottles' ultra-concentrated hair mask. This potent formula nourishes, hydrates, and strengthens your tresses in one go. Infused with quinoa protein, it rejuvenates hair fibers, while the blend of argan oil and keratin tames frizz naturally. The addition of yacon syrup ensures a glossy finish, making your hair not just healthy, but also irresistibly shiny. Choose Bars Over Bottles for a sustainable haircare solution that delivers remarkable results.

Customer Reviews

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Soft and Shiny

I love this hair mask! It takes a little work to transfer enough of the product from the bar to your hair, but it's worth it. My hair looks shiny and feels so soft.

Soft as silk hair but curls are nowhere to be seen

I have curly hair and was recommended another shampoo/conditioner bar all natural to use but the bars made my hair more frizzy so I decided to try this brand for the curls hair mask. I put it prior to shampoo on dry hair , then after shampoo before conditioner and my hair was super soft but my curls were nowhere to be found and as it dried - my hair became frizzy. Used it a second time on a different day and only after the shampoo before the conditioner and again my hair was soft but no curls and very frizzy. Two days after and my hair is extremely frizzy yet soft and I have to put it up or input frizz control cream.I will keep on trying it but honestly , I do not recommend this hair mask for anyone with curly hair.

Creamy scent, moisturizing and smoothing

The scent is creamy not like strawberry or anything just creamy, very soft scent.You use this after shampoo but before conditioner. It was easy to distribute, you could see a little lathering action but just for a second. Since your rubbing this on your hair be prepared for a stand or two to get stuck on the bar but be careful not to rinse them off, you’ll just waste product. It does soften and smooth your hair. I was able to comb through my hair with my fingers and it rinsed well. This is not a conditioner, I applied my conditioner after and of course it felt even smoother and sleek when rinsing.So just keep in mind this is not a conditioner it’s a mask that is used before conditioner. Meant to hydrate the hair, not coat it temporarily like conditioners do. I have super bleached hair and felt a difference.

Amazon C.
Shady ingredients

Wow, just when I thought the ingredients list was going so well.... FRAGRANCE AND BETAINE. Cool, thanks B.O.B for including garbage. /sarcasm.

I really like this bar

Small bar but works good. I really like the scent.

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