LastTissue Refill

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Recycled Materials

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Introducing a revolutionary solution to single-use tissues - a reusable tissue pack that can withstand up to 520 washes. Each pack comes with 6 organic, ultra-soft cotton tissues, designed to replace disposable tissues and reduce waste. These reusable tissues can be used to refill your LastTissue pack, ensuring you always have a tissue on hand while the original set is being washed. Choose LastObject's reusable tissues and join the movement towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cornelia S.
Smart idea

The package is great, the concept too. The number of tissues absolutely enough. The only thing which is not so satisfying: The fabric could be a little softer. I hoped washing them would make them softer, but unfortunately no.

Sally W.

I'm a little confused why LastObject asked me to review this product when I didn't buy it on their platform. In fact, my experience with LastSwab Beauty was a bit unfortunate: I picked it up in another webshop, assuming I had gotten a hold of a regular LastSwab. So I was pretty disappointed to receive a product I had very little use for. I've kept it and I'm happy to have it, but it is so seldom I need to precision-correct my make-up that it, for the most part, is a highly neglected tool in my drawer. The good thing about all LastObject products is that they will last a long time and don't affect the environment as badly as their single-use counterparts, so in that regard it doesn't hurt to have it on hand, I guess.

Jen B.
Very expensive

I recently purchased a LastTissue and a replacement pack of tissues (because what are you going to do while the first set is in the laundry?) - the total was $40 with shipping. That's very expensive for tissues, but I was willing to try it to reduce waste and support a company with this mission. However, the tissue box material does not seem like it's going to hold up over time - I'm nervous to throw it into the bottom of my purse. Also, the tissues stay completely balled up through the whole laundry process, which means that I have to open up every dirty tissue before I wash it (gross!). I'm hoping that my investment can help LastObject continue to innovate and create a better product at a lower price in the future.

Julia B.
Like the tissues better

I use swabs not to clean my ears (I'm doing that in the shower) but to dry them after a shower. The last swabs don't absorb any water and I find them pretty uncomfortable in my ear. I will go back to my organic cotton swabs, no plastic involved. But I am a big fan of the last tissues!!!

James M.G.
It’s okay but...

I liked the product but I felt like I spent rather too much for it. And when it was delivered, it literally looked like garbage. It was opened and dirty like it was dropped many times. It was poorly packaged. I sent photos to your messenger. Maybe I’ll try your other products if I can buy them here or via shoppee or lazada. I won’t pay that much for shipping and taxes again. Not worth it.

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