LastRound Duo - Pro - 2 Cases, 14 Rounds

LastRound Duo - Pro - 2 Cases, 14 Rounds

CO2 Emissions
0.3 kg
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  • Good For You: Perfect for multi-person households, LastObject’s color options make it convenient for everyone in the family to know which one belongs to them.
  • Good For The Environment: LastObject's innovative products can be used thousands of times so you can make them part of your daily routine without growing your carbon footprint.
  • CO2 Emissions: 0.3 kg (0.7 lbs).
  • CO2 Emissions Savings: 3.2 kg (7.1 lbs) vs. conventional alternative.

Customer Reviews

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Lite tjockare än vanliga

Lite tjockare än vanliga

MA &.D.
Worth every penny

Love how easy it was to switch. Glad to be creating less waste. Just throw in the washer with other delicates. Only issue is the bag. It doesn't close tightly. Easy to remedy with a big safety pin.

E. K.
Eco friendly

Eco friendly alternative to cotton rounds. Unfortunately not ideal for makeup removal as they are small and very hard unless soaked with a liquid. So not so good with cream cleansers. Also difficult to wash as they don’t come with a washing bag and disappears in the washing machine. Could be used with toners and micellar water.

Great size, not so soft

Was struggling to find properly sized pads as most of the reusable ones are oversized for some reason. These ones are perfect size and the package is really nice as well! The only thing I'm not really a fan of is the dryness - you either need to put water before the product or put way more product then necessary to make the pad wet and soft. If you only put the right amount of product the dry parts of the pad kinda scratch the skin. Also find it a bit overpriced.

Pro e contro

Ho acquistato questi dischetti nonostante io avessi già quelli morbidi lavabili ( in bambu nel sacchetto per intenderci) e pensavo di risolvere la scomodità dell'avere mille dischetti in giro per il bagno.In effetti la confezione è comoda e pratica però ne contiene circa 6 per cui se ne usate 2 ogni volta che vi struccate non passerà molto prima che dobbiate lavarli e restiate senza ( a meno che non li laviate volta per volta). I dischetti sono duri e sono difficili da inserire ed estrarre dalla confezione da asciutti, ma una volta bagnati diventano morbidi e non creano nessun fastidio al volto. Personalmente non amo di dover bagnare il dischetto per poterlo utilizzare però tutto sommato fanno il loro lavoro e sono pratici e poco ingombranti. Se cercate una cosa per viaggiare ve li consiglio, altrimenti prendetene un altro tipo.


LastObject was born to disrupt the single-use industry with reusable products that work better for you and do better for the planet. They want to save our PLANET and oceans from single-use items and be a part of the solution to the climate crisis. They create PRODUCTS that you love to use and reuse so that sustainability becomes an easier choice. On their journey, LastObject wants to give PEOPLE great work opportunities across the planet and create a fantastic work environment.