Laundry Soda - Lavender & Eucalyptus | 30oz

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Discover Good Natured Brand's Laundry Soda Lavender & Eucalyptus in a 30oz size, a powerful and sustainable laundry detergent designed to elevate your laundry day. This eco-friendly formula, carefully crafted with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients, effortlessly tackles stains, dirt, and odors without harsh chemicals, making it a perfect choice for both sensitive skin and eco-conscious consumers.

Good Natured Brand's concentrated formula means you'll use less per load, reducing waste and ensuring a longer-lasting solution. Compatible with all washing machines, this laundry soda provides a sustainable choice that puts both people and the planet first. Gentle on your skin, tough on stains, and ethically produced, it's a cleaner choice that harmonizes with your values and the environment. Make the switch to Good Natured Brand for a brighter, greener laundry day.

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Customer Reviews

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Better deal than Liquid

Really enjoy the smell- I also add eucalyptus & teas tree essential oils into my laundry loads.

The I.
No issues for my sensitive skin

This wash seemed to work really well on my clothes and didn’t irritate my skin. It has no scent so you don’t have to worry about perfumes or dyes.

Kindle C.
Saving money and environment

This cleans and doesn't leave my front load washer with bacteria growing on the rubber parts like the commercial brands. It costs less per load and I don't have to lug heavy bottles or boxes of detergent from the store.

Dana O.
Unscented laundry additive

I have tried all kinds of laundry additives, so I had to try this one. I think this stuff works. It's unscented, which is great, but it does make it kind of weird to know what actually happened in the wash. Also, there are no instructions as to what temperature of water to use this in. Can I use it in cold water? Will it even work? I'm not sure. Most additives like this specify water temperature, usually hot. The instructions say you only need half of the provided scoop. That little scoop is like a liquid medicine cup, so it's pretty tiny. It's so tiny that I keep meaning to replace it with a scoop with a little handle because it's not that easy to handle. I have every scoop I've ever gotten in any powder product, so that's not a problem for me. I haven't noticed shockingly white whites, or anything like that, so for me to say I think it works is about right.

Cleans clothes well; no fragrance, measuring cup included

This fragrance-free Laundry Detergent (powder variety) comes in a product bag that I found difficult to re-seal; but, the product bag is placed in a separate, larger-size, plastic bag that I could easily re-seal.After opening the bag, I sniffed the powder and could not smell a scent.Following directions on the product bag, I added 1 tablespoon of the detergent, along with a load of laundry, to our washing machine.I liked how well our clothes got cleaned after the wash, and did not have fragrance smell.I like how safe this detergent is for us: naturally-derived ingredients, non-petroleum based, no sulfates, no phthalates,A measuring cup is included. It has measurements in ml, cc, fl. oz., drams, tbs/tsp.note: I had to pour out some of the detergent out into another container before I could find the cup.Overall, this detergent does what we want in a detergent: good cleaning of our clothes.