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Natural Ingredients

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Unleash the power of your curls with Bars Over Bottles' Double Hydration Shampoo Bar. This nutrient-rich bar not only cleanses your hair but also infuses it with intense hydration. Its unique curl-defining formula ensures your curls stay bouncy and beautiful, while adding a glossy shine to your hair. Choose Bars Over Bottles for a sustainable haircare solution that's as kind to the environment as it is to your curls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Grammy D.

I have been curious about shampoo bars for quite some time. The idea of both mimimal waste and getting away from plastics really appealed, not to mention having more shower space. Although I did not order from Amazon (I ordered from their website), I was impressed enough to come here to post a review.My silver hair (I'm an old lady) is naturally curly, baby fine, and highly porous. I've never really paid all that much attention to any shampoo, as my hair had the same reaction to all of them, regardless of being high end or a drug store label. That is until I started using BOB's moisturizing shampoo bar.It lathers up every bit as well as "regular" shampoo. It leaves my hair both clean and moisturized. In fact, it's so moisturized that the curls were even curlier, and I'm having to use less of leave-in conditioner than I did before. I can highly reccomend these miraculous little bars! It's now a staple in my washing routine. My hair loves BOB and maybe yours will, too!

Overall Great Product

B.O.B. makes the cleanest, most sustainable products and they don’t cost an arm and a leg! I have medium length hair and the shampoo lasted me about 3 months!

Natalie B.
Really good

This is actually a really good bar shampoo. It lathers well and gives my hair moisture. I have natural curls and shoulder length hair that takes a beating from regular coloring and some heat styling.

BoB shampoo bar

I love my shampoo bar! My hair feels light and super soft. I do have to be careful with my scalp being so sensitive. I just use a different shampoo every few washings to avoid that issue. It lathers well unless my hair is extra greasy from being outside when it's hot. The bar has lasted much longer than regular shampoo in a bottle even with both my daughter and I using the same one for a few months now. I just purchased a second one. This was the first shampoo bar I tried and not wanting or needing to look for a different one.

Anastasia J.
Lathers well but not a great scent

Unfortunately this lathers very well. I say unfortunately because the smell is horrible. I cringe everytime I use it. I can't wait until it's gone

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