Nimby Expanding Towels

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Nimby compressed towels bring the clean comfort of home on the go. Each Nimby expands into a soft and sanitizing towel that has zero chemicals and removes 99.9% of germs, you can even rinse and reuse up to 5 times! Unlike our competition that uses plastic in their substrate and packaging, we use zero plastic in our product. This go-anywhere towel is anti-microbial, compostable, reusable, flushable, and cleans hands and surfaces with ease. Enjoy this fun and effective way to keep your family clean!

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Customer Reviews

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Al B.
Don’t waste you money

When wet, they are about the size and durability of 2 tissues put together. Go buy a few $1 store face cloths and at the end of your trip, throw them away.

Leigh M.
Great for Travel & at Home!

Great for at home with kids, Love to watch tablet turn into towel! Convenient on the road as they take barely any space! Winner for sure!! My husband grabbed a couple to throw in his golf bag! He already uses their reusable cleaning cloth for his clubs and loves it! Great company! Thanks Nimbus Team! #EcoFriendly

Sofi M.
Highly recommend- Very convenient for on-the-go — A must have

A brilliant product!These are super convenient, especially with kids. I took my 11 year olds and 9 year old to frozen yogurt. They each brought one and added a little water and it became the magical cleaning cloth in seconds. Not to mention I continue to be blown away by the way this little tiny pill becomes a strong durable cleaning cloth. Great for not only you, but the area around you. Counters, table tops. Rinse and reuse. Keep them in the car…Definitely recommend!!

Easy to use during travel

These little compressed towels are incredibly useful. I like how east it is to have some of these in a diaper bag or purse. They expand when exposed to water and once fully opened they are soft and durable. Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone.

Compressed wipes

This is a tiny little packages that contains compressed towels. It is easy to tuck in carry in a gym bag or store at home if you have a little bit of space. Once saturated with water it is a nice size cleaning towel. I love using it for kitchen and bathroom sink. Biodegradable material.