Organic Goat Milk Soap with Honey & Oatmeal | 100% Natural Soap

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Organic Goat Milk Soap with Honey and Oatmeal | 100% Natural Soap

Premium Fresh Goat Milk Soap with Organic Honey and Oatmeal - Natural Soap Made with Organic Ingredients - Wash your hands and face or immerse yourself in a transformative and renewing bath experience - Leaves the skin feeling renewed and rejuvenated - 4 Pack (5oz./Bar).


Our Honey Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap is our most popular soap and packed with the rich moisturizers, vitamins and minerals your skin craves. Sweet notes of honey mix with natural oat grains to complete this extra gentle exfoliating bar. Goat's Milk Soap with Oatmeal and Honey helps fend off dry skin and irritation with natural ingredients that make it a popular choice for those with sensitive skin. An essential treatment for daily use, it cleanses, hydrates and feels the difference in your skin for yourself.

A beautifully balanced aroma that is appealing to both ladies and gentlemen. You deserve to be deception free! Our all-natural, artisan-made body soap will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized. Free of preservatives, additives, or synthetics. 100% Vegan. Biodegradable. Our Organic Goat Milk Soap with Honey and Oatmeal is a multipurpose blend intended for general well-being and to keep emotion on an even keel.

Take a look at the benefits of this handmade soap:

✔️Make your skin fresh and glowing.

✔️Gently deep cleanse your skin.

✔️Exfoliates, leading to skin renewal.

✔️Make your skin soft and smooth.

✔️Hydrate skin and provide relief from irritation.

✔️Effective healing of skin infections.

✔️Maintains pH balance of the skin.

We love to take care of your skin, how will you love this best organic soap.

Fragrance-Free- Natural Soap Made with Organic Ingredients

Premium Fresh Artisan Organic Goat Milk with Honey & Oatmeal Soap -last longer - 4 Pack (5oz./Bar)

Leaves your skin soft and supple. Ideal for babies and safe for all skin types.

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