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Experience the comfort and sustainability of Allmatters' Organic Cotton Period Products, crafted with care in Finland. Each pack contains 10 premium quality items, designed for your convenience and well-being.

* The Wipes: Each wipe is thoughtfully made from biodegradable cotton, ensuring a gentle touch with the environment. However, the individual wrappers contain a thin layer of aluminum for maintaining the longevity of the disinfecting liquids within the wipe.

* The Packaging: Allmatters is committed to reducing waste. Hence, all their packaging materials are derived from recycled or recyclable paper and cardboard.

* Disposal Instructions: Allmatters encourages responsible disposal. Please ensure to discard the packaging in the correct bin, adhering to your local recycling regulations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Natalia Q.
Pequeño y fácil de usar

Me gusta mucho porque limpia muy bien mi copa cuando estoy fuera de casa.

Good enough

I haven't needed to use one yet but they are compact and, based on the liquid soap, seem like they will work well.

Great wipes.

Great wipes I don’t know if it’s just me or the smell of these wipes is immensely satisfying.. they smell like rubbing alcohol and that’s reassuring being that I want my cup super sanitized after every use. I wish it came with more in the box but it’s a good value.

Works great

This is a good buy! It’s handy for when you need to clean your cup in a public restroom. And there’s a lot in the package. The wipes are pretty sizable and they don’t smell.

A L.
Perfect for on the go.

Gave me peace of mind while using a cup. Love that they are individually wrapped for on the go!

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