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Experience a revolutionary approach to wellness with Nutritional Roots' unique synbiotic supplement. This innovative blend combines soil-based organisms, psychobiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and organic plants, all designed to nourish your microbiome. With a focus on supporting both digestion and mood, this supplement is a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. Plus, its eco-friendly formulation makes it a sustainable choice for those conscious about their impact on the environment.

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Customer Reviews

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Katie S.
Work Great with Crohn's

Used many products in the past. This one is the best so far. I highly recommend

Nicole J.
Great Probiotics Supplement

Great SOIL-BASED probiotic supplement, it advertised its Self-sporing bacteria. I am taking the probiotic when my stomach don't feel good, especially when I ate the spicy hotpot and BBQ. Normally will cause loose bowels, but this probiotics really help, it will stop the stomachache. Overall, I would recommended it, it works great on me.

This keeps you regular and cleansed

Easy to swallow I use it to cleanse, stay regular and for immune system support. This stuff is good. I only use SBO supplement

Super unique probiotic with awesome superfood blend and no fillers! Legit company

I am a big fan of this product and company. I will give 5 stars to other supplements but the supplements on Amazon are all over the place in terms of quality and the company behind it. You can tell when a company stands out with well crafted products with unique and science based blends and this is one of them. For the record I saw some confusion in the other reviews, SBO probiotics are those with the word "Bacillus" in them and have a different mechanism than the Lacto/Bifido in this supplement. There is a lot to read about these probiotics and even some controversy but for myself I've had really good luck with them when I haven't with other products. I went to the website and looked at their other products and they also seem to be crafted with the same care and have a legit FAQ and contact section. This has a great selection of Lacto/Bifido bacteria, a decent CFU count, and best of all a carefully crafted natural prebiotic type mix of fermented veggies. No fillers WHATSOVER and of course a vegan pill. This is so great because with other probiotics often you're getting junk fillers to bulk up the capsule size when in this case they give you extra superfoods for the probiotics to eat as they go through your system - how cool is that? It even included a food I hadn't heard of - Canihua, a kind of "super" quinoa! This is a really unique probiotic that has a great daily blend of superfoods, no fillers, and unique strain choices. I didn't have any issues taking the pills but my gut is pretty messed up so I rarely see much change from any one probiotic.

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