PureMagtrix Laundry Sachet Chemical Free Laundry Detergent

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Protect your family, save time and money, and make the chore of laundry effortless with our chemical free laundry detergent alternative that lasts most households an entire year!

Instantly transform your laundry with PureMagtrix. An innovative, simple, economical laundry detergent alternative that is a non-toxic, non-fragrant, eco-friendly solution to clean, fresh, residue-free laundry load after load. Ideal for those that struggle with skin allergies, hypersensitivity to smells, and a simple, yet effective, step towards reducing you and your family's exposure to toxic chemicals. Now is the time to make this life-changing pivot in your laundry room.

  • 99.9% Pure Magnesium

  • Reusable 300+ Washes

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Fabric Friendly

  • Non-Toxic

  • Fragrance-Free

How It Works: Magnesium reacts with water, producing negative hydroxide ions. This process reduces the surface tension of the water and creates an ionized alkaline water solution that provides a powerful wash by lifting away dirt, odors, and germs without fading colors and damaging fabric.


Place PureMagtrix in the washing machine with soiled laundry. Wash and spin, rinse not required. Dry laundry per fabric care label instructions, remove PureMagtrix from the washing machine, and air dry. Do not place PureMagtrix in the dryer.

For best results, pre-treat stains and pre-soak heavily soiled loads with PureMagtrix and/or add an eco-friendly, chlorine, and bleach free laundry booster. PureMagtrix is not a stain remover. Increasing water amount with HE machines when washing large loads is beneficial. Extra-large loads may require 2 PureMagtrix laundry sachets for optimal results. PureMagtrix needs to be replaced when the weight drops below 80 grams. The used laundry sachet can be utilized with the new laundry sachet for enhanced cleaning power or plant remaining magnesium in the garden or potted plants to enrich the soil.

Contents: 99.9% Magnesium in polyester bag

Item Dimension: 4.5 in x 4.5 in

Item Weight: 5.9 oz / 170 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Feel great!

I feel so great that I'm not polluting the earth and my clothes feel great being washed with PureMagtrix. This was my second order. I never plan to go back to store bought liquid. It is so convenient to not have to put laundry soap on my grocery list. So handy to just toss in the little sachet.


I really love the product, I do have to use two sachets for my husbands work clothes and I tend to do larger loads anyways but I have had great results either way. And even though this is not a stain remover my messy baby stains are coming clean overall. I look forward to more products in the future!

eco friendly and fun

I love the PureMagtrix laundry sachet that replaces detergent. It's sustainable, easy to use, and last a long time! It's an investment that well worth the purchase price (and beyond!). It arrived quickly and had directions for use inside the box. Highly recommend.

Amazing and Life-saving!

So grateful for this amazing product! Been using the laundry sachet for almost a year. This solved my search of laundry soap without fragrance, chemical, and cost-effective. It eases my fragrance sensitivity. It is also space saver as not taking over any laundry room space with those bulk laundry detergents/liquids. Thank you for coming up with this amazing product that cleans clothes so well without any chemical and fragrance.

PureMagtrix Laundry Sachel

This is a great product for a great price. I work in a feedlot and it removes all the grime and the odors from my clothing. I had some old jeans with embedded stains and surprisingly Magtrix has even started removing the stains. They aren't all gone but definitely getting better after each wash. I have skin lupus due to chemical exposure in my younger years. PureMagtrix has definitely helped improve my skin irritation. I am sure taking away the chemicals that are in regular detergents is the most significant reason but it feels like there is less friction between my clothing and skin. I appreciate the great value but that would be the least of my concerns. I appreciate a healthy product that doesn't aggravate my existing condition. Thank you.