Soothing Skin Balm

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Natural Ingredients
Recycled Materials

Size: Regular (13.5g)
Quantity: 3 Pack

Heal current and prevent future irritations! From rashes on cheeks or irritation on rolls, soothe redness and pain with a single swipe. No messy lotions or wet application.

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Customer Reviews

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Eczema User Approved

Both myself and my 2 kids (2 under 2) suffer from dry skin rashes and eczema depending on the season. I'm always looking for a new natural remedy for our sensitive skin. I used this on myself first to test the results and have started using it on my littles. The balm is soothing and smells pleasant, many times natural products have a weird smell but this one is nice. I love how it's in a tube and easy to apply, like a chapstick tube. This won't clear up severe cases like a steroid or hydrocortisone cream would but it's soothing for those minor flare ups. Would recommend!

Teeny Tiny, Cool Relief

This is a trial/sample size tube. You can see the new product fully extended in one of my photos with this review. So, pay attention to the size you are ordering, and the price you are paying before you purchase.The product itself is great--it provides instant relief and stops itching immediately. It also applies smoothly without clumps or a waxy layer.

Easy to use

Great environmentally friendly package, easy to use, and helpful!

Works well for irritated skin

I was really hoping for a miracle on my baby’s eczema with this stick - he’s got a lot of dry patches all over, and it’s especially bad on his cheeks where he’s able to rub at it. I’m not sure if it burns or not but he doesn’t particularly like it on his face.He’ll tolerate it on his body, and lets me rub it all over. It’s not a greasy formula, which I like as I don’t have to worry about it sticking on his clothes or anything. This is rather expensive for a small stick, and I forgot to put it back down before putting the cap on. My bad, I know, but that’s when it especially highlight the price because it makes you go, Doh! It’s so expensive, don’t waste it!Having said that, I’d still prefer to give a product like this a try before resorting to steroids like his pediatrician likes to prescribe … will keep using and hopefully he’ll grow out of it soon with the help of this product!

Great product and smells good

We have been getting a ton of mosquito bites lately and this balm has been great! It helps soothes the itchy bites. I’ve also used this balm on my daughters eczema and it got a lot better within a couple days. I applied it right after bath time and it’s been working great. I love the compact size and it’s definitely a must have in my bag. Another plus is the scent; it smells so good! Will be ordering again when running low. Recommend.