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Embark on your eco-conscious journey with the Sustainable Toothbrush Starter Set from This comprehensive kit is your passport to a greener oral care routine, featuring a Tooth Handle crafted from recycled aluminum and a plant-based Tooth Head available in Soft, Medium, or Firm bristle strengths.

The Tooth Handle's ergonomic design ensures optimal cleaning, while the layered bristle profile of the Tooth Head allows for comprehensive cleaning from every angle.

The Starter Set includes:

- A Tooth Handle, ergonomically designed and made from recycled aluminum with a 70-micron hard-coat anodized finish. Choose from four stylish colors: Charcoal, Ash, Rose, or Gold.

- A Tooth Head, available in three bristle strengths: Soft, Medium, or Firm. This plant-based component is easily replaceable thanks to a simple locking mechanism. It's also compostable and recyclable, ensuring your oral care routine leaves minimal environmental impact.'s packaging is 100% recyclable, further reducing waste. When it's time to replace your Tooth Head, simply compost or recycle the plant-based material. Always check with your local recycling facility for proper disposal of the bristles. With, achieving a beautiful smile and a healthier planet is easier than ever.

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