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Experience the power of the sun in a bottle with Plant-based Vitamin D3+K2 from Nutritional Roots. This potent blend of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, and algal Omega-3 DHA is your daily ticket to stronger bones, a robust immune system, and a resilient mindset. Nutritional Roots harnesses the natural goodness of plant-based ingredients, offering an eco-friendly option for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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Lichen Based Vitamin D3 with K2 and Fermented Veggies

High-quality, plant based supplement. Lots of organic fermented veggies added. Larger than most vitamin D3 capsules, and two per serving. The bottle looks like a lot, but it's only a 30 day supply. Has a distinct chlorophyll aroma, maybe similar to fresh kale. These seem a lot healthier than typical vitamin D3 caps or tablets. The added K2 is good for maintaining bone health. There's not enough of it to be a bone restore type supplement, but it's good to have some added as it goes well with D3.

Another Great D3 Supplement with K2

The combination of D3 and K2 is well studied. While there is a lot of talk recently about the effect of Vitamin D on a certain virus, I was taking this long before. This is great in that it is plant-based and there is an addition of veggies and fruit extracts to compliment this supplement very well. Since taking it, I have not fallen ill or otherwise had any immune compromising issues. No sniffles, nothing at all. While I have an entire immune system booster that I use in addition to this, I would like to believe that this is a strong addition to it. It is unique with the veggie and fruit blend versus others that may have just the D3 and K2. Also great is the fact that it includes a very good serving size of D3. Highly recommended!

T.M. R.
Substantial D3 dosage - plus K2 - plus a fermented probiotic. Vegan friendly.

Two capsules daily delivers 5000 IU (625% DV) Vitamin D3, 100 mcg (83%) Vitamin K2, plus 497 mcg of a proprietary fermented probiotic component. Decent choice for these pandemic times. Vegan friendly and Non-GMO.

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