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Experience the ultimate hair care solution with this 100% safe shampoo bar, ideal for colored or treated hair. HiBar ensures you enjoy a plastic-free lifestyle, because, well, who needs plastic? This sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and silicone-free product is a testament to HiBar's commitment to your health and the environment.

Proudly Leaping Bunny certified, this shampoo bar is a friend to all, even the Curly Girl Method enthusiasts. Embrace the vegan lifestyle with this cruelty-free product that not only respects your hair but also the world we live in.

With a 3.2 oz shampoo bar that lasts as long as two 12 oz bottles, HiBar offers you more value for your money. And let's not forget the fresh citrus scent that leaves your hair smelling divine. Choose HiBar, choose eco-friendly hair care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
Interesting smell

The shampoo has a smell that I’m unaccustomed to. It’s not bad, just not one that I’m familiar with. It has a wonderful lather and works quite well.

Amazon C.
Great shampoo

Perfect for everyday use or traveling

Long lasting shampoo

The shampoo bar lasts for months, with two people using it. Great for dry scalp, hair looks wonderful.

Best shampoo I've had

The three samples are really great to test which one you like best. The maintain works best for me, but sometimes I feel like I could use the moisturize one and the volumizing one. I might buy all three in the full size version and just use it when I want too. However the shape of these shampoo bars don't fit in the bar soap cases I have. And I definitely will not leave them out and just let them degrade over time. Will have to find an appropriate size case that I can have in the shower.

B G.
Fantastic trial box, and great for travel

I ordered these to try the other two bars(volume and moisture), and was not disappointed. The samples of each size lasted a fair amount of time, and ended up working great as travel shampoos.I'm not sure I noticed much of a difference between the different types, but they all still worked well. I'm sure an extended trial would show more differences.Love the feel of the brand though, I've permanently moved from bottled shampoo to this. It doesnt leave a waxy residue like some other bars(j.r. liggetts) I've tried

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