Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag
Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag

Soil Conditioner - 1 cu ft bag

CO2 Emissions
1.1 kg
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  • Good For You: Biochar is an organic solution to improve soil health and reduce the amount of water your plants need to thrive.
  • Good For The Environment: The production of biochar actually reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere and effectively sequesters it in the soil for hundreds of years.
  • CO2 Emissions: 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs).
  • CO2 Emissions Savings: 5 kg (11 lbs) vs. conventional alternative.

GROW BETTER, HEALTHIER PLANTS – Wakefield BioChar helps soil get the right balance of water and nutrients, so potting soil, compost, fertilizers, soil amendments, and soil conditioners work better with less.
REDUCE CO2 – Wakefield BioChar decreases greenhouse gasses by returning carbon to the soil. Natural horticultural charcoal, biochar is safe and healthy for all gardens and lawns, raised garden beds, potting mixes, lawn soil, and vegetable garden soils.
USE LESS WATER – Biochar enhances soil and nutrients for more efficient use of water, more microbial activity, and better growing results. Perfect for all lawns, gardens, flowers, shrubs, trees, and indoor plants.
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL FOR PLANTS – Make Wakefield BioChar about 10% of your soil mix. Get lush, healthy, beautiful plants with less water and optimize your use of fertilizer. Sustainable biochar (activated charcoal for plants or horticultural charcoal) provides healthier soil and plants for generations.
100% ORGANIC MATERIALS – Wakefield Biochar is an organic, carbon-based soil amendment made from untreated, natural wood feedstock, perfect for organic gardening. The first and only FSC-certified biochar, for responsible tree farming.

Customer Reviews

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Weighed down though

Super simple to work with and spread. However, the biochar delivered to me arrived damp. The water content increases the product's weight and, volume.If I had wanted to buy a bag of water....


Char is an awesome product. Wish it were cheaper.

Mark B.
A must for soil conditioning

I've been using biochar for several years and it's important for my purposes. It helps make plants far more drought-tolerant, contributes to maximum root production, and promotes healthy organic activity in the soil. Using biochar is the difference between acceptable growing and exceptional.

I get the same quality stuff from the crematorium across the street

It’s not inoculated so it’s not technically biochar.Try grandma.

Great stuff

I have put this in my garden soil. 'I'll see how it works this year.

Wakefield BioChar
Wakefield BioChar knows that a better garden starts with better, healthier soil. Too many treatments and chemicals deplete nutrients and degrade soil quality over time. And sadly, many traditional treatments have unintended consequences for our planet. That’s why so many gardeners weed, water, and fertilize, but still don’t get the results they want. With Wakefield soil conditioners you will increase microbial activity, absorb water and nitrogen to improve your soil health. And, biochar returns carbon to the earth, reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere! Better Soil. Better World.