Give New Life to Your Used Candles: Sustainable Upcycling Ideas

Give New Life to Your Used Candles: Sustainable Upcycling Ideas

As much as we love our candles to create a cozy atmosphere, it can be frustrating to figure out what to do with the leftover wax and jar once the candle is done. There are plenty of creative and practical ways to repurpose, recycle, or upcycle candles to get more value out of them. In this post, we'll explore some ideas for what to do with candles after they're done so that you can enjoy your favorite candles without feeling guilty about creating waste.

You can repurpose the candle jar. Once the candle is done, you can clean out the jar. You can use the boiling water or the freezer method. After you empty the jar, you can use it for a variety of things such as holding your makeup brushes, a flower vase, or to store small items like jewelry, buttons, paper clips, or other office supplies.

Freezer Method: Put the candle jar in the freezer to make the wax shrink, making it easier to remove with a butter knife. Remove the wick and residue with soap and water or baby oil.

Boiling Water Method: Pour boiling water into the candle jar to melt the wax, wait until it cools down. The wax will float to the top, and you can remove the floating wax by scooping it up with your hand. Remove the remaining small pieces of wax, and the wick with dish soap, or baby oil with a butter knife.

You can use the leftover wax and turn it into a new candle. You can combine leftover wax to make new candles by melting it down and adding it to a new container with a wick. Collect the leftover wax from a few of your candles in a container, and use it o make a new one. Alternatively, you can use the wax to lubricate squeaky hinges.

You can upcycle the candle wax into other products. We also love to get creative and turn our old candles into something new! You can use the wax to make homemade lip balm or lotion bars.

You can recycle the jar and packaging. If the candle jar is made of glass, it can usually be recycled. Make sure to remove any leftover wax, wick, and labels before placing it in your recycling bin.

Candles are a wonderful addition to any home, but their benefits don't have to end once they've burned down. So, next time you finish burning a candle, think twice before throwing it away and try one of these ideas to give it new life! If you are looking for sustainable and high quality candles, you can read more about eco-friendly candles from Shedding Light on Eco-Friendly Candles.

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