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This set is uniquely designed to tackle your kitchen appliances, from hard-to-reach areas in your fridge to the stainless-steel finish (while keeping your hands clean). This set can do it all and will leave your kitchen sparkling.


Glass, bamboo, silicone, plastic, recycled plastic, recycled polyester, latex, cotton, rayon, nylon, recycled polyester, polyamide

We're all about sustainable details—down to the non-toxic coating on the bamboo and retractable hooks made from infinitely-recyclable aluminum. Our simple storage design includes mounting hardware, making it perfect for any closet, laundry room, mud room, or entryway.


We’re honored to be in your home, and promise to make ourselves useful. Not to mention sustainable, reusable, recycled and recyclable, even shareable, compostable, and occasionally huggable. Because we’re totally committed to the home you live in, and the one we live on.


Hand Wash (Tough Sheet, Micro Manager, Splash Patrol, Bottle Service sprayer & bamboo): Products like this do best with a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Just let it dry thoroughly before using and you’ll be ready to go.

Machine Wash (Renew cloths): Wash cold, tumble dry low. Check care label for more specific instructions

Dishwasher Safe (Bottle Service): Your dishwasher can help give your Full Circle products a new lease on life. Just put all parts in the top rack for a quick refresher and a solid cleaning.

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  • Included is the Tough Stuff All-Purpose Scrub Brush, Micro Manager Detail Brush, Renew Recycled Microfiber Essential Cloths Set of 5, Bottle Service Refillable Glass Spray Bottle, Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves.
  • Renew has a cloth for every purpose: bath + tile (with scrubbing stripes!), dusting, glass, grease (for oven cleaning and stovetops), and stainless steel
  • Fill 16 oz with your favorite cleaning solution or mix your own in our Bottle Service to tackle stuck on messes

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