Appliance Cleaning Bundle

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Recycled Materials

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Elevate Your Kitchen Cleaning Game with Eco-Friendly Style

Why It's a Must-Have:

Full Circle Home introduces a truly unique Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set, designed to handle all your kitchen cleaning needs. From those hard-to-reach spots in your fridge to the gleaming stainless-steel finish, this set has got it all covered, while keeping your hands clean. It's a game-changer that will leave your kitchen shining.

Sustainability in Every Detail:

Full Circle Home is all about sustainable living, down to the finest details. This set showcases a range of eco-friendly materials, including glass, bamboo, silicone, plastic, recycled plastic, recycled polyester, latex, cotton, rayon, nylon, and more. What's more, it features a non-toxic coating on the bamboo and retractable hooks made from infinitely-recyclable aluminum. Plus, the smart storage design comes with mounting hardware, making it a versatile addition to your closet, laundry room, mudroom, or entryway.

At the Heart of Full Circle Home:

Full Circle Home feels honored to be a part of your home, and their commitment is crystal clear. These products are not only sustainable but also reusable, recycled, recyclable, shareable, compostable, and even huggable. They care for the planet as much as your home.

How to Care for Your Full Circle Home Set:

Tough Sheet, Micro Manager, Splash Patrol, Bottle Service sprayer & bamboo: These items shine when given a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Simply allow them to dry completely before your next cleaning mission.

Renew cloths: These are machine washable – just toss them in the cold cycle and tumble dry on low. Check the care label for specific instructions.

Bottle Service: Great news! It's dishwasher safe. Put all parts in the top rack for a quick refresh and a thorough clean.

What's Inside:

Tough Stuff All-Purpose Scrub Brush
Micro Manager Detail Brush
Renew Recycled Microfiber Essential Cloths Set of 5
Bottle Service Refillable Glass Spray Bottle
Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves
Renew Cloths for Every Purpose:

The Renew set includes a cloth for every cleaning task: bath + tile (with scrubbing stripes!), dusting, glass, grease (ideal for oven cleaning and stovetops), and stainless steel.

Get Ready to Tackle Messes:

Fill the 16 oz Bottle Service with your favorite cleaning solution or mix your own to take on even the toughest, stuck-on messes.

Upgrade your kitchen cleaning routine with Full Circle Home's Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Set, where eco-friendliness meets sparkling results.

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