Bamboo Greeting Card | Love - Classic Roses

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Very Unique, Couple Negatives

My boyfriend is a landscaper and has an affinity for all things nature. This card was a really fun way for me to acknowledge that, and have it be a really personal card to give him! Super cool.Couple things on the negative side. First, shortly after he started displaying it in his office the change in humidity started to slightly warp the wood. Obviously something unavoidable, however, if you plan on keeping it longer, remember to keep it in a dry place. Secondly, the colors on the paper that is behind the etched out roses, were not lined up correctly on mine. Subsequently, a large part of one rose petal is green. My bf says it does not bug him, but I was a little disappointed and wished someone had paid more attention to the fine details.Despite the negatives, I really like it and plan on keeping the wood-card idea in my back pocket for gift ideas! Very unique.

It 👍 ok

It's smaller than expected but it's well made

Alex S.
Exactly what it says it is and exactly as expected

Wooden thick card with designed paper on the inside, heads up though you might want to use a marker instead of a pen. Its really hard to read with the design. Otherwise great card.

Jordan J.

Card is built sturdy, and arrived fully intact. The colors of the card and feel are very complementing to the cause you are wanting to Express. My wife liked it.Cons: Smaller than your average card.

Beautiful card

Beautiful card and wonderful quality!Had my kids decorate the inside for grandpa’s birthday