Bathroom Collection Set of 4

Carbon Neutral
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Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with this 4-piece bundle from Full Circle Home. The set includes a soap dish, a bathroom canister for miscellaneous items, a toothbrush holder with a Dry Earth disc that absorbs water to prevent bacteria and mold, and a matching ceramic tray for a neat and organized look.

The bundle features the Keep It Clean Toothbrush Holder, Raise the Bar Soap Dish, Pick Me Up Bathroom Canister, and Keep, Tray, Love Organizer Tray.


Crafted from Ceramic, Bamboo, Silicone, and Dry Earth, Full Circle Home's bathroom collection presents a functional range of white & gray accessories. The design includes a non-scratch base to safeguard your bathroom countertop, while a Dry Earth disk prevents mildew formation at the bottom.


Full Circle Home takes pride in being a part of your home, promising utility, sustainability, reusability, and recyclability. The brand is committed to the well-being of your home and the planet.


The ceramic bases are dishwasher safe. For optimal use, replace the Dry Earth™ disk in the Keep it Clean Toothbrush Holder every six months.


* The Bathroom Collection from Full Circle Home helps keep your bathroom tidy.
* The bamboo divider in the Keep it Clean Toothbrush Holder is removable and prevents germ spread.
* Dry Earth absorbs water, preventing bacteria and mold.
* The sleek ceramic design seamlessly blends with your bathroom decor.
* The base is designed to prevent slipping or scratching.
* Keep, Tray, Love dimensions: 11.46”L x 5.30” W x 1.3”H – 29.11cm x 13.46cm x 3.3cm.

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