Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil

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This pure Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil is a multi-tasking essential that doubles as a gentle makeup remover and a luxe shaving oil. Made with plant-based ingredients packed with antioxidants that removes makeup with ease, while deeply cleansing the skin efficiently wiping away oil and impurities that sink deep within the pores. Simply rinse off with warm water to reveal skin that's both soft and intensely moisturized.

This hydrating oil is a soap-free, non-detergent cleanser that never strips the skin or disrupts its acid mantle.

2 fl oz | 60 mL


Safflower Seed - Very high in vitamin E and also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps fight against skin-damaging free radicals. It is ideal for hydrating dry or acne-prone skin.

Olive - Known as a natural moisturize due to the fatty acids. These fatty acids can help to lock in moisture and soften the skin. It also contains vitamin E and other antioxidants, which can help protect the skin from free radicals, reducing signs of aging, and improving the overall health.

Squalane - Has excellent emollient properties to help keep your skin hydrated. It also helps fight against free radicals. Great for soothing dry skin and inflamed skin conditions.

Apricot Kernel - Natural source of vitamin A, C, E, and K. Rich in oleic acid.

Bergamot - With its citrusy aroma and perceived skin-refreshing attributes, is a popular choice for natural skincare products. It is believed to help impart a clean, brightened appearance to the skin and control excess oil. Notably, the uplifting scent of Bergamot may also offer an invigorating touch to the skincare routine, promoting a feeling of freshness and vitality.

Grapefruit - Rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Help fight free radicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Helen K.
Works great!

It works wonderfully on my skin and smell is amazing.

Jessica S.
Oil Pulling Facial!😍

I loved this cleanser before I discovered oil pulling facials...and now I love even more! Blackheads? Nope we don't know them anymore! They've gained a customer for life just because of this cleanser alone!

We really enjoyed watching your video. We have people asking about this! Thank you so much!

Susan B.

feels nice

Sharon A.
At last

If you are unlucky enough to have skin like mine, paper thin sun damaged aging.... this product paired with the moisturizer is better than any prescription ointment I have used. It is great value for the money, I use it generously and after 2 months my skin is healed and I have a qtr of a bottle left. I can't wait to order again and continue to heal and protect my skin. Highly recommended product.

Jessica S.

Nourish Hydrating Cleansing Oil

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