Coasters - Coastal Blues, Fringe - 4 Pack

Carbon Neutral
Fair Trade Certified
Natural Ingredients

Sale Price$30.00
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
If you spend thousands on living room décor, then do not compromise on visible, everyday items.

People spend many thousands of dollars on their living room furniture. So for these people, it would make total sense to find coasters that fit in with the rest of the expensive décor. At $7 each, these coasters are not cheap. But in the 'big picture' of your home, it is a very inexpensive item and shows the owner has not compromised the overall look by 'cheaping out' on trivial items. With the price discussion out of the way, what you receive is very nice, and likely worth the $30 for the set of 4. You can see the level of detail and finish in the close up picture. It looks as nice, or even better, than what is pictured in the ad. They are also thick enough with no frayed edges or anything to make me think they will not last. Very lovely set.

Not the Platters or the Drifters

But the Coasters! These KAZI Coasters for Hot & Cold Drinks - Artisan-Made w/ Raffia, Eco-Friendly, Housewarming Gift (Set of 4, Blue) work fine and are attractive.Best for hot drinks as they insulate.

Vera R.
Fun Coasters

These are a fun accessory and keep surfaces free of liquids. Great gifts!

Vine R.
Great coasters

These are nice little coasters. They don't slide around too much, and hold your drinks. Can't ask for much more.

Things that DON'T go bump (or bang) in the night

Okay.So you're being a good guest, or just sitting in your own home, and you're using a coasterAnd the glass "sweats" and moisture forms on the baseAnd you lift the glas and the coaster ccomes with it!Until it stops coming and releases and crahes to the ground, or the table, with a resounding CLANNNGand maybe even cause some real damageIf only they made a coaster that could absorb the moisture so the gall would rise and the coaster would just stay put!They doThis is itAnd it looks good too!

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