Coconut Oil Mouthwash


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Transform your oral care with Dr. Ginger's unique, all-natural mouthwash. Crafted from organic Coconut Oil and Xylitol, it takes a fresh approach to dental wellness. This luxurious blend provides a smooth, protective shield for your teeth, combating gum issues, bad breath, and teeth stains. Say goodbye to unnecessary ingredients and overbearing flavors. Each package includes a 14fl oz bottle (Pack of 1).

Fresh and Flavorful: Dr. Ginger's mouthwash utilizes the coconut oil pulling method to effectively halt plaque buildup, nurturing a naturally healthy oral environment. Anti-plaque techniques fortify your teeth and whisk away tartar. Plus, the refreshing coconut mint flavor invigorates your breath, leaving your mouth revitalized.

Perfect for Sensitive Smiles: This gentle formula caters to sensitive individuals, offering soothing relief. Dr. Ginger's mouthwash safeguards your gums against redness and inflammation while being gentle on tooth enamel, banishing discomfort. It's a wholesome alternative for your overall well-being.

Choose Natural: Dr. Ginger's high-performing natural ingredients foster a healthy oral microbiome, free from harm. All of Dr. Ginger's products are fluoride-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and devoid of other common harmful ingredients. Dr. Ginger firmly believes that a naturally derived recipe is essential for a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dentist Formulated: With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Ginger DDS, a renowned cosmetic dentist, has helped patients rediscover their love for their smiles. In response to the growing demand for all-natural oral care, Dr. Ginger has meticulously crafted a powerful blend of Coconut Oil and Xylitol. These key ingredients offer a simple, effective, and clean approach to creating a harm-free oral environment. Clinically tested and expertly formulated by top care chemists in the USA.

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