Colostrum Supplement for Gut Health | Hair Growth & Immune Support, 60 Servings

High-IgG Colostrum for Immune and Gut Health Support

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Experience the power of our MiracleMoo Premium Colostrum with a remarkable IgG content and ImmunoLin. This elite colostrum enhances immunity, fortifies the gut, and promotes holistic well-being.

  • Revolutionary ImmunoLin: The only colostrum containing High-IgG ImmunoLin, enhancing immune support and overall wellness.
  • Quality Commitment: Supports digestive health, muscle recovery, and immunity.
  • Easy Mixing: Blend easily into water, smoothies, or recipes for a seamless wellness boost.
  • Grass-Fed Source: Procured from USA's grass-fed cows on family-owned farms, ensuring top quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Melinda L.
Very effective

I really liked this product. It is very effective. Overall, it helped me with alot of things. It helped my gut health, my immune system my skin looks better, it helps me relax and it helps me lower my stress level. It doesn't have much taste to it. I drink it every morning as I am making breakfast. I usually blend it in a banana smoothie so I don't feel the taste at all. Also, the amount that I have to take on a daily basis is so small and the benefits of taking it is huge.

Esther B.
Miracle Moo

It desolves quickly and has no taste. I noticed a difference in a week.

Alejandro R.
Muy bueno


This is a great product!!!!

Something I don't usually do is buy products that are trending on TikTok or Instagram...but this time I decided I would try Miracle Moo. I mixed it into a tiny bit of milk so that I could drink it everyday. this product tastes very good and is very easy to take, I looked forward to it everyday. It take a while to mix into the liquid but that's ok. I have noticed that my skin is much more clear in the last month... not sure if it's because of Miracle Moo or the supplements I have been taking. Either way, I would definitely buy this product again!

Carsyn S.
Great product just a few flaws

I have mixed this in my coffee and my cranberry juice but I will say it can be hard to mix in warmer drinks. You can stir all day long and it won’t dissolve unfortunately.

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