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This custom-made soap dish gives your pet bar a nice place to rest between baths + it helps to extend the life of the bar.

Details and ingredients

This cute pet bar drying disk is made from wood and engraved in the center to identify your pets’ bath time bar.

The disk shape, inspired by a pet’s paw, allows air to circulate around the entire bar. This allows your bar to dry out between uses, extending the life of the bar. That, my friend, is good for your wallet.

This drying disk makes the perfect place to store your Pet Bar.

Made in Florida.

How to use a drying disk soap dish

After using your pets natural bar, place the bar onto the drying disk. Let it sit there until you need it again.

For the best results, let all bars dry between uses. Never let any soap sit in water. The water will break down the ingredients, leaving you with a mushy bar that will not last nearly as long as when you let it dry between uses.

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