Eco Friendly Kitchen Bundle: Solid Dish Soap, Biodegradable Soap Dish, Sisal Cleaning Brush, Pot Scrubber, Eco Dish Sponge 3-Pack


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Transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly haven with the Earth Ahead's Kitchen Bundle. This bundle includes all the essential plant-based cleaning tools and our top-selling natural solid dish soap. By choosing these sustainable alternatives, you're not only reducing your plastic waste but also contributing to a healthier environment.

1. SOLID DISH SOAP (11.5 oz): Unleash the power of French green clay, sea salt, and natural oils with our Solid Dish Soap. It lathers beautifully and effectively cleans even the greasiest dishes. Handmade in the USA, this vegan and palm oil-free soap is a green choice for your kitchen. Ingredients include olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, French green clay, and Pacific sea salt. For a full product listing or to purchase this Dish Soap separately, visit Earth Ahead's website.

2. WHITE PLANT-BASED SOAP DISH: Complement your kitchen decor with our classic White Plant-Based Soap Dish. Its smart, slip-proof design keeps your solid dish soap dry and within easy reach.

3. CLEANING BRUSH WITH REPLACEABLE HEAD: Say goodbye to plastic sponges and brushes with our plant-based Cleaning Brush. It makes dishwashing a breeze and comes with a replaceable head, allowing you to save the handle, reduce waste, and save money. The handle is crafted from sustainable bamboo, and the bristles are made of sisal.

4. POT SCRUBBER: Our 100% plant-based Pot Scrubber effortlessly cleans stuck-on food on dishes, pots, and pans, including cast iron. Made with sustainably harvested bamboo and coconut + sisal plant fiber bristles, it's a green choice for your kitchen. **NOTE: Please use gently on non-stick pans.

5. ECO DISH SPONGE 3-PACK: Swap your plastic dishwashing sponges for our 100% compostable Eco Dish Sponges. Made from the luffa plant, these zero waste sponges are perfect for washing dishes and cleaning gentle surfaces. They look flat when dry and expand up to 6 times their volume when wet. Each pack contains 3 sponges.

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