Waterfall Self Draining Bamboo Soap Dish


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Introducing the Earth Ahead's Bamboo Soap Dish - a sustainable solution for your soap storage needs. Crafted to keep your soaps dry and long-lasting, this soap dish is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or shower. Its innovative "waterfall" design ensures water drains away, while the raised edge prevents your soap from slipping off.

This soap dish is versatile, accommodating all sizes of solid kitchen dish soaps and even the largest bars from Earth Ahead's soap collection [https://earthahead.com/collections/soap-collection].

With dimensions of 5'' x 3.5'', this soap dish is compact yet functional. It ships 100% plastic-free, using only compostable or recyclable materials, and arrives unpackaged, in line with Earth Ahead's commitment to minimal waste.


The Bamboo Soap Dish is a testament to Earth Ahead's dedication to eco-friendly products. Bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth, is wild and completely organic. A new bamboo stalk grows to full size within just two years of harvesting, relying solely on natural mountain rain for nourishment.


When it's time to say goodbye, rest assured that this soap dish won't harm the environment. It's biodegradable and compostable, making it a truly green choice for your home.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica R.
I got these self-draining soap dishes to r...

I got these self-draining soap dishes to replace ones that were making my counters a mess. They are beautiful, well-made, and do their job as advertised. I'm using one for my dish soap block in the kitchen. While the soap wiggles around some, it's totally doable and worth not having the mess that was all over the counter before! Super quick shipping too.

S W.
5 stars review from S

5 stars review from S

Kati B.
5 stars review from Kati

5 stars review from Kati

Clara C.
5 stars review from Clara

5 stars review from Clara

Joy Z.
5 stars review from Joy

5 stars review from Joy

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