Self Draining Silicone Soap Dish



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Introducing the Earth Ahead's chic Silicone Soap Dish, your ultimate solution to keep your soap dry and long-lasting. Perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, or shower, this soap dish smartly drains water, ensuring your soap remains dry and fresh.

What sets it apart? It's mold-resistant, super easy to clean, and retains its brand-new look even after years of use. It's a perfect fit for all Earth Ahead dish soaps and even accommodates the largest 5.8 oz organic soap bars.

With dimensions of 4.5'' x 3.1'' x 0.4'', this soap dish is:

* Made from non-toxic material
* Lightweight and flexible
* Anti-slip for secure placement
* Easy to clean for your convenience

When it comes to its end of life, this Silicone Soap Dish outshines its plastic counterparts. Made from silica found in sand, silicone is a highly durable, non-toxic material that's closer to rubber than plastic. It can be recycled and if it ends up in nature, it breaks down into harmless particles over a few decades, making it a far more eco-friendly option than plastic. Choose Earth Ahead's Silicone Soap Dish for a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
James G.
5 stars review from James

5 stars review from James

Eva K.
Well-made, simple design, holds soap bars...

Well-made, simple design, holds soap bars well.

Joel S.
It does the job! My soap stays dry when no...

It does the job! My soap stays dry when not in use, and after using, any water is drained into my tub!

Bethany B.
4 stars review from Bethany

4 stars review from Bethany

Susan S.
quick ship! Ends the soap mess for the sh...

quick ship! Ends the soap mess for the shower!

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