Fresh Air Odor-Free Compost Collector

Carbon Neutral
Recycled Materials

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Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and unnecessary waste with the Fresh Air compost collector. This innovative product from Full Circle Home allows oxygen to circulate through your organic kitchen scraps, effectively slowing down the decomposition process. The result? A completely odor-free composting solution that even the most cleanliness-conscious will appreciate. Proudly made in China, this compost collector is a testament to Full Circle Home's commitment to eco-friendly home solutions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 752 reviews
Benny J.
Perfect size and easy to use

Can't go wrong with this one. Compact size that fits easily on the corner of my counter.

Returned item

Nothing wrong with it was too big for counter and where I wanted it to sit so would of been a good item if was smaller

Matt S.
Tidy place to keep your compost

Quite a nice little compost container. Takes up very little space of the counter. Somehow it doesn't smell, of rotting food waste.However, the little bar that holds the bag in place is cumbersome to get set in place right. Once one corner of the bag is under the clamp, and you go to set another corner, the first one slips out of the clamp, making it quite comical, and a bit annoying to place the new bag in the bin.

Full Circle countertop, quiet-close bin is right for us.

The black & white bin is new for us. Out-of-the-box, It looks perfectly-sized for our kitchen, & even includes 2 bags. After looking at several attractive compost bins, I chose Full Circle plastic to avoid clanging, metal containers. Please note the latch is a push, not lift. The perimeter wire, after bag installed, refit when I pushed it inward, then slid it back onto front ledge, instead of trying to simply push it down.

heather m.
I re-ordered this composter to replace the same model.

It is a great composter, but I found the bags they sent are too small. They slide; any suggestions. I have others which fit better.

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