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Mighty Mint Glass Cleaner transforms the way you clean glass surfaces in your home. This non-toxic, ammonia-free formula is safe for use around your family and pets, offering a natural solution to your cleaning needs.

Natural Cleaning Power: Provides a streak-free shine for stovetops, windows, mirrors, and more.

Non-Toxic and Ammonia-Free: Safe for use around people and pets, ensuring a clean home without harsh chemicals.

Peppermint Scent: Leaves your home smelling fresh with a natural peppermint aroma.

Versatile Use: Effective on a variety of surfaces including screens and bathroom fixtures.

Made in the USA: Proudly produced with simple, natural ingredients for quality you can trust.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Works great and is safe for pets!

Most window cleaners are actually toxic to pets, so I was excited to try this more natural one. Thankfully, it works great and smells great too. The smell is very subtle, not overwhelming at all. It would be great for anyone with asthma, other breathing issues, or sensitivity to smells. And it cleans even stubborn messes so easily, leaving no streaks. I am very impressed with this stuff, and highly recommend it, especially if it goes on sale.

Clean Windows

Leaves windows streak free clean with only the subtle mint scent, no harsh chemicals.

Sadie’s M.
Mighty Mint Glass Cleaner, Non-Toxic, Streak-Free Spray

The Mighty Mint glass cleaner appears to work just as effectively as the window spray I usually use, but this is a lot more enjoyable. The scent is so pleasant and I love that the formula is non-toxic and made from natural, plant based ingredients. It's nice being able to clean without exposing your skin and lungs to ammonia or other harsh chemicals.

April H.
Make ur windows shine

The scent

Opal C.C.
Can I get a gallon size jug please?

My first test was our bathroom mirror where "someone" in our family can't seem to brush their teeth without splattering toothpaste all over the mirror. It worked like a charm, leaving the mirror clean and streak free, and smelled incredible doing it! But let's be honest, you can do the same thing with water, sans the incredible scent. Toothpaste is not difficult. Next, the bottle says you can use it in your shower. Did it remove the hard water stains from my shower door? Lol, that's cute. But let's be honest, again. Not even a steam cleaner can remove that nonsense. The only things I know that can tackle hard water stains are hard core cleaners designed for it or a mix of dish soap and vinegar sprayed on with some baking soda thrown on top and then scrub, scrub, scrub your little heart out. (Did the product claim too much when they said you could use this in your shower? Well, not everyone has hard water, so NO, they did not; and I will happily use this in my shower for regular cleaning.)So, I thought to myself, what haven't I cleaned in a while that is really grimy and can really put this product to the test? The outside of my windows! Except it is 40 degrees outside and that's not happening. Ok, I have a husband who likes to explode his food in the microwave; so off to the microwave we go. I opened the door and draped a towel over half the door and sprayed the Mighty Mint cleaner on the other half. Then I removed the towel and patted a wet washcloth on the other half just to get it wet. I waited 60 seconds and then took the wet wash cloth to the water side. Then I took a dry cloth to the Mighty Mint side. Was it way easier to clean the Mighty Mint side? Uh . . . yes!! Absolutely! Did I become inspired to clean the rest of the microwave when I hadn't intended to on this Saturday morning when I promised myself some couch time? Yeah. Does it work better than dish soap? Well, that's a test for another day. Do you deserve to work with a product that smells intoxicatingly, wonderful while you clean up after your darling little mess-makers? Of course you do!!!

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