Hemp Shower Curtain

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Natural Ingredients

Material: Hemp Natural
Size: Standard 70 x 74
Rust-Proof Shower Rings (+ $7): No

Experience a refreshing cleanse with Bean Products' Hemp Shower Curtain, your eco-friendly solution to conventional shower curtains. Crafted from natural hemp fabric, these curtains are grown pesticide-free and fertilizer-free, ensuring a product that's as kind to the environment as it is to your home.

The hemp fibers undergo a natural process to create fine yarns, which are then woven into a superior hemp fabric. Each curtain is meticulously cut and sewn at Bean Products' factory in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and fitted with high-quality, rustproof nickel-plated brass grommets.

Free from toxic PVC liners, these hemp shower curtains are a safe addition to your bathroom. Designed for durability, they promise years of use without succumbing to the common shower spray billowing effect seen in lightweight plastic liners. While they do get wet, they won't leak through, helping to prevent mold growth associated with plastic liners. The wide, seamless hemp canvas dries quickly and filters light for a beautiful natural hue.

Bean Products is dedicated to sustainability, which is why these shower curtains are made from eco-friendly fabrics. Maintenance is a breeze - simply wash them monthly like your towels and dry thoroughly to prevent mold growth. Please note that while these curtains are not guaranteed against mildew, colorfast bleach or other mildew stain treatments can be used if necessary.

Available in a standard tub size (70 in. wide x 74 in. long), you can also opt for rustproof shower easy roll rings. These rings feature special flat rollers for smooth movement and large hoops to accommodate multiple curtains, ensuring easy rolling on any curtain rod.

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5 Star


Its a great product and concept but way to short in width.


Great quality curtain! Great purchase experience!


Really gorgeous, it really does shrink when you wash it the first time so be sure to measure correctly! It dries super fast, I love not having a plastic shower curtain!


Great product! Love how natural environmentally and healthy this product feels and looks ??great seller ??highly recommend

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