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Add Rust-Proof Shower Rings ( + $7):

Add Rust-Proof Shower Rings ( + $7)

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Experience a luxurious bathing routine with Bean Products' Linen Shower Curtain - your eco-conscious choice for bathroom essentials. Offered in six stunning shades, this premium shower curtain promises long-lasting durability, maintaining its form and resisting billowing.

Crafted from broad, robust fabric, the linen shower curtain dries swiftly and features a gentle translucence that lets light filter through, aiding in the drying process. Each curtain is equipped with high-grade, rust-resistant nickel-plated brass grommets.

This versatile shower curtain is suitable for tubs, baths, or stall showers, and can also function as a curtain, drape, or room divider, making it a valuable addition to your home.

Bean Products' Eco-Friendly Linen Shower Curtain is constructed with all-natural, non-toxic materials, making it a healthier choice for you and a greener choice for the planet. Bid farewell to harmful phthalates found in many plastic curtains and welcome a safer, more sustainable alternative.

For over three decades, Bean Products has been a proud manufacturer of eco-friendly, sustainable home goods in the USA. Each shower curtain is handcrafted using the finest eco-friendly materials, sustainably sourced and produced domestically by a family-run business.

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