Produce Washing & Storage Set

Carbon Neutral
Recycled Materials

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Shop, Clean, and Store Your Fruits and Veggies with Ease

Why Full Circle Home Loves It:

The Market to Home set from Full Circle Home is a must-have for anyone who loves fresh produce. It simplifies your journey from the market to your kitchen. The set includes The Ring Veggie Brush, Goodie Bags 5-Piece Recycled Produce Set, and Ziptuck 3-Piece Reusable Produce Storage Bags. With these items, you can shop for your favorite fruits and vegetables, wash them thoroughly, and maximize their freshness and lifespan.

Smart Design:

Full Circle Home is all about making healthy choices, especially when it comes to your veggies. The Ring Veggie Brush features non-toxic coatings on bamboo and uses recycled plastic and plant fiber bristles that are BPA-free, ensuring your produce is clean and safe. Goodie Bags are made from 100% recycled PET, certified by the Global Recycled Standard, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bags. The Ziptuck bags offer a versatile, sustainable, and reusable storage solution, helping you reduce waste and keep your produce fresh for longer.

At the Core:

Full Circle Home is dedicated to sustainability, and their products are designed to be sustainable, reusable, recycled, recyclable, shareable, compostable, and occasionally huggable. They are committed not only to making your home more eco-friendly but also to preserving the planet.

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash (Ring & Ziptuck Storage Bags): Wash with warm, soapy water. Allow them to dry thoroughly before use. For Ziptuck bags, turn them inside out for easy drying.
Safe for use in the fridge and freezer. Some discoloration is normal.
Bamboo Care: Maintain your bamboo products by avoiding prolonged soaks and using a natural cream or oil to restore their natural appearance.
Machine Wash (Goodie Bags): Machine-wash cold and hang to dry.

Key Features:

The Ring Veggie Brush makes cleaning all types of produce a breeze with its comfortable handle.
Goodie Bags are crafted from recycled plastic and replace single-use bags, reducing plastic waste.
The Produce Keepers feature a leak-proof, airtight "lock" seal design to maintain freshness.
The set includes three different sizes of Produce Keepers for fruits, heads, and stalks, each with different colored zippers.
Goodie Bags include 2 Large Bags (12"L x 14"W | 30.5cm x 35.5cm) and 3 Medium Bags (14"L x 18"W | 35.5cm x 45.7cm).
Ring Dimensions: 3.54" x 1.18" x 3.74" | 9cm x 3cm x 9.5cm
Get the Full Circle Home Market to Home Set, and enjoy the journey from the market to your kitchen while keeping your produce fresh and clean. It's a small step that makes a big difference in your sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

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