Microgreens Growing Kit Self Watering with 3 Mats and Organic Seeds

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INTRODUCING THE EXCITING WAY TO GROW FRESH MICROGREENS EVERY WEEK. Just add water and enjoy a bountiful crop of Microgreens in 7 – 10 days. No special lighting required, no soil required & no daily watering required. Even notorious plant killers love this easy system of growing fresh, clean, nutritious microgreens every week for your family.

THIS FUN AND EASY AS 1, 2, 3 MICROGREENS GROWING KIT includes an attractive, top quality tray & bamboo surround measuring 12” x 6” ,(no ugly black plastic tray!) a unique hydroponic insert, 3 hemp mats, black out felt lid and 3 packets of organic USA seeds for 3 crops of microgreens and a 16 page instructions booklet complete with picture instructions, microgreens info and our favorite Microgreens recipe!

GROW THE BIGGEST VARIETY OF MICROGREENS WITH THIS UNIQUE SYSTEM. Some Microgreens love growing the hydroponic way but some larger seed varieties such as chard, buckwheat, pea, beet, cilantro and sunflower grow best in soil. With this system you can take out the hydroponic insert and add soil instead giving you the option to grow both ways.

GROW FRESH ORGANIC BABY VEGETABLES FOR YEARS TO COME. Our motto is EAT WELL, LIVE WELL. Convenient pre cut Hemp Mats available to purchase in bundles of 5 or 10. No expensive subscription required. And of course do not limit yourself to growing just one type of seed. Grow rows of your favorite seeds to add layers of nutrition and color to every tray.

ZERO RISK GARDENING SATISFACTION Our seeds have an excellent germination rate and are guaranteed to grow. If your microgreens do not grow as advertised, then we will help you to figure out what is wrong and send you replacement seeds at no cost or give you a full refund. That peace of mind makes this the perfect gardening gift for adults and kids!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Karen I.
Awesome product

Used as soon as it arrived and microgreens were ready on day seven. Full of flavor and a nice addition to a salad.

Carolyn S.
Not doing well...

We planted our first batch of greens over a week ago, and covered as directed. They sprouted poorly and we were told to recover them for 2 more days. The seeds are sprouting at different rates and the net result is a pathetic batch of sprouts, a far cry from what we get at the farmer's market for $5 per batch.

Teri B.
Yes and

Love the containers but sorry the bamboo top has been replaced. Packets of seeds are not all labeled organic so are they? My seeds grew great, Zestigreens seeds not so much. Overall I am still happy I bought it!

tiffany w.
Good Company

Had an issue with my original order, company took care of issue and sent out the pc that I needed for my growing kit. Would definitely buy from them again. Thank you!!


So the company changed their microgreen product from a bamboo top and bottom that I bought months ago to a bamboo bottom and a cheap blackout fabric that goes on top now. Clearly they are still charging the same amount of $39.99 but your getting less of a product and it looks very cheap. They still have the video up showing the bamboo top but in the item description they list the blackout fabric never saying your not getting the bamboo top anymore, completely miss leading to consumers. Clearly they are cutting corners, charging the same and your getting less of a product. I can’t return it because they make you pay for shipping which ends up being 1/2 of what you spent on the product. Take the video down and stop showing a bamboo top for product. I wanted my 2 cases to match which is why I return my other to Amazon and purchase again through Zestigreen to get the case with the bamboo top, I reached out to Zestigreens and I’m hoping they can send out the original bamboo top out, we shall see?!?