Mouthwash Tablets Kit

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Introducing the revolutionary mouthwash tablets from Lazy Coconuts - your perfect partner for sustainable oral care. This kit is a fantastic eco-friendly substitute to conventional mouthwash, eliminating the need for bulky plastic containers. Each kit is equipped with 60 compact tablets, a silicone cup marked with a 10 ml measure line, and a silicone container designed to store 60 tablets. Ideal for travel, these petite tablets are not only convenient but also enjoyable to use.

These tablets are alcohol-free and infused with natural menthol and thymol antiseptic oral cleansers, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleanse for your mouth. Don't be fooled by the lack of burn - they're working their magic without the harshness! With Lazy Coconuts, you can take a step towards a greener planet while keeping your oral hygiene in check.

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Customer Reviews

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William N.
Better for the environment and they work

No more bottles of mostly water for me. The tablets reduce shipping, are easy to store and use at home, easier to carry while travelling, and they work great!

H (.c.
Cute little travel set

How adorable is this? Lego person for scale in picture. I got this to travel with and it should work out great. The tablets do take a minute to dissolve or you can crush them up a bit. The flavor is... interesting. It does kind of taste baking soda-y. If they went heavier on the peppermint, that would be an improvement. Overall though, it's a nice little lightweight travel set.

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