Superfood Reds - Acai Berry - 30 Servings

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Natural Ingredients
USDA Organic

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Experience the power of nature with Organic Muscle's fitness supplements. Crafted with a unique blend of natural ingredients, these supplements are designed to fuel your body, enhance your metabolism, and strengthen your immune system. Say goodbye to artificial, hard-to-digest ingredients and hello to the healthiest, cleanest, and most effective fitness supplements on the market. Organic Muscle is not just a brand, it's a commitment to eco-friendly practices and superior health benefits. Choose Organic Muscle, choose a healthier, stronger you.

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Customer Reviews

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Ashleigh G.
I think it may have helped my hair grow?!?

So I have been having a little bit of a receding hairline and I swear when I started taking this the hair started to come in! I know my body has definitely been lacking some of the ingredients that are in the Reds. I didn't mind the taste at all. I just mixed it in with my Chocolate protein shake. It wasn't bad by itself either. I started with a full scoop, but did end up cutting back to a half of a scoop due to detox problems. Just made me a little tired at first. Other than that I really enjoyed it.I also tried the greens. I started with a full scoop on that one as well. I recommend definitely starting with 1/4 to 1/2 a scoop of either of those and work yourself up. I didn't mind the taste of the greens. I have had several before. I did however get exhausted when I took them. I would want a nap about 3 hours later...So I eventually switched to just 1/2 the reds and did much better! Didn't have time to nap everyday. lol

Amazon C.
Great ingredients

Mix it with vanilla protein and I have great tasting morning shake. Great supplement to add more greens to my food intake.


Really liking organic muscle. They are my go to for reds, greens, and gold's. I like that they are coming out with new products. Nootropic is next

Michael S.
Been using the product for awhile now and it works great for me.

I like the flavor it goes well with another shake I drink

Lou D.
Happy I tried this. Recently purchase my second red and green blend

A nice taste

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