Paper Towels | 100% Recycled Paper, 2-ply, 32 Rolls Total

Strong, eco-friendly paper towels, 100% recycled, customizable sheets.

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Enhance your cleaning efficiency with our strong and absorbent 2-ply paper towels, crafted entirely from recycled paper. Perfect for eco-conscious households, these towels combine environmental responsibility with superior cleaning power, ensuring you don't compromise on quality while supporting sustainability.

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing: Made with 100% recycled paper, whitened without chlorine bleach, and free from added dyes, inks, or fragrances.

Customizable Sheet Size: Features right-size sheets, allowing you to tackle any mess, big or small, by using just the amount you need, reducing waste.

Bulk Supply: Comes in four 8-roll packs, totaling 32 rolls with 156 sheets per roll, ensuring you're well-stocked for any cleaning task.

Convenience and Savings: Offers up to 15% savings with Subscribe & Save, guaranteeing you never run out of paper towels again.

Meets High Standards: Not only are these paper towels eco-friendly, but they also meet or exceed stringent quality standards for absorbency and strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 416 reviews
Joe F.

Great price. But, you get what you play for.

H N.

Too Thin, not real strong. Just not a buy I will do again. Wasn't satisfied with the product.

Ann k.W.

Amazon remains the easiest place to get recycled paper products in bulk. They are expensive, but worth it to the environment. Package arrived early and allows me to order for the year.


I just love these paper towels. They may not be absorbent as the bounty, however, you are not breathing in all the particles that come from the bounty. The bounty leaves dust particles everywhere after you've cleaned. These do not, and they are pretty absorbent. They are my go to, for health purposes! They even have unbleached paper towels as well. Which is my go to!

nachum z.

Review: Seventh Generation Paper Towels have become my household's eco-friendly go-to, and for good reason. This pack of 4, boasting 8 rolls each, delivers exceptional quality while staying committed to sustainability. Made from 100% recycled paper, these 2-ply towels not only fulfill their purpose with absorbency and strength but also contribute to reducing environmental impact. The sheets tear off smoothly, providing convenience without waste. I appreciate the brand's dedication to transparency about their materials and processes. Knowing I'm choosing a product that aligns with my values makes every cleanup task a conscious and responsible choice. Seventh Generation has successfully combined efficiency with eco-consciousness, making these paper towels a staple in our green cleaning arsenal.

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